These two things- good manners and courtesy are thought to be “out of fashion” nowadays. But if so were the case, we wouldn’t have ever heard ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ ever. Having children at home, you might be familiar with some of their habits. If your children have even subtle traces of good manners then your child can outshine the other kids. With the help of positive parenting program, you can make your kid outstand the crowd.

Let’s divide the behavior part into two broad categories, the very first being manners on speaking to others.
Display good manners at home: Your kids will watch you and model what you do. Let's assume it isn’t so! However, it is. Teach them how to talk in a polite way. Tell them the benefits and ways of addressing others with kindness. To have more efficiency, practice doing the same at home.

Teach to make eye contact while speaking: It is quite a simple task and would reap long term benefits. Even when you are being addressed by your young ones, you should always react. This way you will showcase god habits. You’re your children realize that each and every person that they talk to should not feel like they are being ignored.

Use "please" and "thank you”: Tell your children to be appreciative for everything; there is such a great amount to be grateful for every day. Instruct them to offer their thanks by expressing gratitude toward others. When somebody drives them home from school; a "thank you" needs to be given in return. When requesting anything, use "please."

Apologize when needed and extend forgiveness when demanded: Humankind is not perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. As far as one is ready to apologize for his/her deeds, he should not be totally cut out. Teach your kids that when they do something wrong, they need to apologize and if another person who ever goes wrong and asks for forgiveness later, needs to receive it.

The second category includes tips on how to behave in a society:

You before me: In the constant "me, me" of the society, it's quite difficult to show our children to consider others. If you are not the one who isn’t telling them to take care of others, who else would? It’s high time to tell them that others matter too so that in the future we can create a friendlier environment.

Tell them how to behave: The best-civilized human being is best defined by its behavior. The way one lives and reacts in a society becomes the basis of his kindness. These few headers need to be explained to your kids:
If you took something; put it in the same way.
If you turned on the light; only you are obligated to turn it off.
You’ve made a mess? You need to clean it.

By doing this, you are showing your children duty regarding their activities and how to regard others by tidying up their own chaos.

Show your youngsters to act out in the open. Once more, great displaying of this will complete a ton of the instructing for you.
Use proper language
Control your voice
Give proper reactions
Lend your chair to elder people: Your children more or less are your reflection. If you don’t offer your seat to an old person, your children also won’t. To become an example, also give it to those who need it more than you.
Help others: From helping your partner with the chores to lend a helping hand to your neighbor, you need to do what you would want your child to do in the future.
For a lot of people, it might become just another way to kill time but for those who indeed seek help, it might become a blueprint. If you really want your kid to become the best among the rest, he should have something more inside him. When people talk about trends going out of fashion, remember one thing that generosity and kindness will never go, they might fade though, but they can’t get eradicated.

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