When it comes to promoting a teleseminar this is usually done by getting potential buyers to a landing page. The goal for most landing pages is to convert lookers into either subscribers or buyers. The fact is, most people who "land" on one of your pages leave very quickly.

The reasons for this vary; no clear message, no benefits listed, too many fonts, poorly positioned opt in box, no clear call to action and very unprofessional look.

To know what is happening with page visitors review your website stats. You do this with your web log files.

Here's how it's likely to break down.

1. The greatest numbers of people leave the landing page in under 10 seconds.

2. The next highest number will leave shortly after that when they make the decision your information is either not compelling enough or simply does not provide the right solution.

3. Some people (a very small percentage) will "hang out" trying to figure out if what you have is for them.

4. A few will convert.

To increase your conversion rate the following will help you to optimize what you are doing.

* Set specific goals of what you want to accomplish with the information on the page.
* Make sure your headlines are enticing.
* Provide a clear call to action.
* Put your most important points at the beginning and the end of the copy.
* Include results-driven testimonials.
* Write with reader in mind. Rather than say: "I will teach you," write: "You will learn."
* The more expensive the product or service you are selling, the more likely it will be that you have to write long, tight copy.

It may be that a few minor changes can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your teleseminar success. Be strategic about what you are doing in order to enjoy higher conversion rates. After all, higher conversions mean greater revenue.

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