One of the most frustrating issues that plague people with desktops and laptops is a malfunctioning motherboard processor. When that happens, it seriously affects the functionality of the system, leaving the users with a red face.

There are times when specific proactive strategies come in handy in fixing these issues, more so when the problems are a bit elementary. However, when issues take place due to a faulty motherboard processor, these proactive strategies fail to fix things back.

People need to turn to reputed companies that are into computer repair services. However, before that, it is essential for the users to come in terms of the signs that unmistakably tell the story about a faulty motherboard processor.

BIOS Menu appearing at the Startup

The BIOS is the setup menu on a computer. However, when this menu appears automatically when booting the system, that is itself an indication of an error in the motherboard.

As the BIOS menu manages all the hardware agreements, it happens when the motherboard faces problems in negotiating with components that are newly installed. This happens more so after installation of a new graphics card if the system fails to negotiate with it.

Malfunctioning Applications

Even if the motherboard may get past the booting process, it will then pose serious malfunctions in applications during the operation. This indicates that when it comes to multitasking, the computer severely slows down, as hardware components are subjected to severe pressure and strain.

So, complete shut down of systems while playing games and watching live shows may indicate that it is time to take the system to a company that has been carrying out computer motherboard repair works with great finesse and success.

Blue Screen of Death

This is one of the most horrifying symptoms of a malfunctioning motherboard. BSOD, which is also technically termed as Windows Stop Error, at times indicates hardware failures like motherboard crash. However, BSOD does not every time mean only hardware issues, but software crashes as well, which have to be tackled differently.

This error takes place when the OS encounters an error, from which it is unable to recover.

BSOD can be rectified by complete re-installation for effectual repairing and may need replacement of the motherboard altogether by professionals who work in companies that offer computer repair services in Brisbane. This issue may occur while running certain specific applications, which the motherboard is not able to support any longer.

Sudden Freezing of the System

Another symptom of motherboard processor failure is sudden freezing of the mouse and the system turning unresponsive with a series of short beeps whenever attempts are made to type in.

Random Restarts

This is regarded as one of the most common symptoms of motherboard failure, provided that it is not caused by a virus or any hard disk error.

Burning Odour

If any burning smell emits from the motherboard, the PC needs to be turned on immediately. It may be the result of overheating, or it can be the result of the presence of an incompatible component.

Since every motherboard has a definite specification with RAM and video card and hard disk, use of any incompatible processor will result in serious damage to the motherboard.

Hence, when these symptoms show off, the best stance will be to get in touch with a company that offers computer repairing service without any delay whatsoever.

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The author owns a company that carries out computer repair services in Brisbane that also includes motherboard repair.