TESOL diploma courses and certificate courses are associated to a highly respectable profession called teaching. This is not really surprising since TESOL, first and foremost, means Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages. What isn’t too obvious is that it can lead to other remarkable careers as well. In fact, many TESOL certificate and diploma holders teach only for a year or two then embark on a different field that TESOL gladly open for them.

For instance, you can be considered for administrative positions in private companies and academic institutions. Individuals who have ample teaching experience and/or with higher TESOL education can also apply for Director of Studies positions. Many institutions and organizations prioritize people with TESOL education and experience because of their superb communication skills, particularly in speaking. It is extremely possible for you to take a break from teaching or to advance in position.

Your TESOL background can also lead to jobs in the publishing industry. You can join a team involved in making teaching materials which is considered by many as an exciting career path. You can be a researcher, writer or editor for these companies or perhaps create your own teaching materials or English language tutorials. Aside from traditional printing, try blogging. Many English language students and enthusiasts are searching online for valuable resources in the subject.

If you are done with teaching students but still can’t get enough of the teaching job, perhaps you want to be involved in training new TESOL teachers. English is used and understood in many parts of the world so you won’t have difficulty finding people who want to teach this language like you. It’ll be easier in a sense that you will likely coach someone who already knows the language but it can be challenging too because what you will discuss are techniques and not just phrases.

Indeed, an online TESOL certification or a diploma in TESOL gained through conventional means can give you an opportunity to teach and more. A variety of jobs can be offered to individuals who are adept in speaking and writing English; how much more if you are capable of teaching it? Interestingly, it is also a ticket to get a great job in another country where you can meet new friends and learn a different culture. So if English seems easy peasy to you, maybe it’s time to inquire about online TESOL diploma courses.

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