Have you heard about that “Great Commandment,“ you know, the one Moses and Jesus told us about, the one that says we should love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. When I first heard about it I thought, “Oh Boy, God, you sure don’t want much, do You! I mean, if I loved You with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength, there wouldn’t be anything left for me or anyone else for that matter!”

However, my life was a train wreck, so I decided to give it a try. Okay, God, here I am. I’m ready to try that Great Commandment. Let’s see now...Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength. Here goes!

I love You God with all my heart.
Oh Oh. What’s happening? I feel my heart opening and expanding. God, you’re filling it with Your Love, Divine Love, Agape Love. My heart is overflowing with God’s Love. I don’t know what to do with so much Love. I’ll just have to start giving it away.

I don’t know if your really want my whole soul, God. It’s so...so heavy. it’s full of sadness and misery. You really want it? I’ll try.
I love You God with all my soul.
Oh my God, You’re pouring Your healing balm into my soul. I suddenly feel so light, and free and joyful. All the pain is gone. I have the Peace that passes all understanding. Oh, thank you, God.

Are You ready for all my mind? Here goes.
I love You God with all my mind.
Whoops! What’s happened to all the regrets and unforgiveness of the past? And where is all the anxiety, doubt and fear for the future? All I have is Here and Now with You, God. I can see Eternity, Timelessness. NOW. WOW!

Heart. Soul. Mind. Strength. Now I’m really getting excited.
I love You God with allll my strength.

Praaaaise God! He’s alive and well and living in my heart.
He’s generating power to every other part.

He makes my eyes to sparkle. He makes my tongue so glib.
My ears are keen, my hair has sheen. Oh no, I’d never fib!

He makes my life so easy, I never exercise.
And yet my body’s firm and fit because I realize

To love God with whole heart and soul is how we were designed.
When we’re in harmony with Truth all else just falls in line.

So you may do your pushups, jog and jump until you’re blue.
I found an easy way to be my best. To God I’m true.

By loving God with all my strength, I discovered my true purpose. Ever since practicing that Great Commandment, I can now say:

He believes in me. He knows I’ll never let Him down.
He believes in me. That’s why I’ll never wear a frown.
He believes in me. Why shouldn’t He? I love Him.

He delights in me. That’s why there’s sunshine every day.
He delights in me. I try to please Him every way.
So He delights in me. Why shouldn’t He. I love Him.

He takes care of me. That’s why He’s here in all I do.
He takes care of me. He knows I’ll share His love with YOU.
Yes, He takes care of me. Why shouldn’t He? I love Him.

I believe in Him. He is our Father from above.
I believe in Him. He fills this whole great world with love
When you believe in Him and know He’s by your side. He loves YOU.

So just believe in Him. You needn’t have a single fear
If you believe in Him. He’ll wipe away your every tear
And He’ll believe in YOU. Why shouldn’t He? He loves You!!

Before I began practicing that Great Commandment myself, I thought that God was just trying to get something from me. But now I know that it’s a way for us to open to God in order to receive all of the gifts He is continually pouring out to us. No matter how much we give, we can never beat God in giving.

I invite you to begin practicing this awesome, amazing Great Commandment now. Just try it. It really works!

Author's Bio: 

Abraham is a Spiritual Educator, Author, Speaker and Poet. She is co-founder of His Rose, Inc., a World-Wide Spiritual Ministry of Love, Truth and Beauty. She is a healed healer. Her words have power to heal whatever may ail you.