The Mentor, The Guide, The Master

In India, teachers are revered like Gods - Guru, the dispeller of darkness. And the guru who leads the pack of gurus in a school is the principal.

One of the toughest jobs is that of a principal. It is both rewarding and challenging, and it is worth it because an effective principal earns respect for life from loyal students, alumni, staff, and people in general.

Principals are the leaders of not just the educational institution that they serve but also of the educational system. They are instrumental in the growth of the school, the teachers and the students. Principals must be visionaries and committed to their profession in bringing about reforms, maintain high standards of pedagogy and work towards the development of each student. They play a vital role in the growth of the school. And when they pass on their legacy it must be one that is worthy of worshipping and carrying forward.

On them lie a gigantic responsibility of enlightening students and teachers and of making the school successful. They are looked up to by the management, staff, students, and parents as a solution to all the issues and the torchbearer for the development of the school and teachers. They are responsible for creating an environment that is hospitable for education. The biggest responsibility is of bringing reforms in the society for good. They help others reach their goals, prepare leaders, and build relationships with people. A principal is like the anchor of a ship. Bouquets and brickbats are all for them to face and they do that with grace.

Introducing new methods of teaching, guiding and motivating teachers, principals must be excellent managers and need to strike a balance between love and discipline. It is very easy to create fear among others, but it is very difficult to earn respect. When you are respected people around you will fear to do anything wrong out of respect for you rather than for fear itself.
They pass on the baton to the next generation of teachers and students to lead the light for a better world. And that is reason enough for them to never fail in the expectations everyone has of them.

However, not everyone can be highly effective as a principal. As a mark of tribute to those who travelled that extra mile to bring about a difference in the society and to shape lives of many, we at The Knowledge Review, featured some extraordinary principals in our latest edition - The 10 Most Effective Principals to Watch in 2021.

Our hearts well up with respect for such leaders of the society and we are sure yours will too as you read about the contribution of each of them.
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