En Route Towards a Secure Cyber Future

Women leaders in the digital security space have worked hard to deal with this issue while dealing with the desperate lack of talent in the industry. The cybersecurity niche has talented women leaders launching various entrepreneurial ventures that offer data prevention and security from micro-enterprises to large organizations. Simultaneously, few of these women leaders are keen on educating the next generation of cybersecurity leaders with their profound knowledge.

Through these efforts, women leaders are changing the digital security landscape and contributing towards developing solutions to resolve the cybersecurity problems in every other industry like healthcare, automation, financial services, cybercrime, academics, and more.

Thus, Insights Success commenced an expedition to seek leaders who have impacted the digital security industry with their adept understanding and expertise. In this edition of ‘The10 Most Eminent Women Leaders in Security,’ we commemorate the women leaders who have created their successful sagas with their enthusiasm, courage, and unmatched efforts.

Featured on the cover of this edition is Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham. She serves as the Executive Director of the Cyber Security, Research and Education Institute, The University of Texas. Her work has resulted in 130+ journal articles, 300+ conference papers, 180+ keynote and featured addresses, seven US patents, fifteen books in data science and cybersecurity, and technology transfer of the research to commercial products and operational systems.

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