As a Wisdom Coach and Integral Philosopher, I deliver extremely powerful teachings about what wisdom is, and what positive thinking is. Here, I address the first three keys to an absolutely all-out, very simple arising of positive thinking. It's probably a lot easier to achieve than you thought it was.

In order to absolutely master positive thinking we have to first know what positive thinking actually is. So here's the first key. What is positive thinking?

1. What is Positive Thinking? Positive Thinking is truth-based thinking. It is truth and reality based thinking.

If someone says that they are "useless at everything", the reason that this is negative thinking is because it is not true.

If they actually literally were useless at everything, they would simply accept the fact and they would be working from a position of truth and reality. The reason we get upset is because we know it isn't true. We know we aren't showing all of our true selves and strengths.

Fear-motivated "Positivity"

What people call "positive thinking" is often rose-coloured glasses thinking, and more interesting is why one would be motivated to see things unclearly, even if seemingly overly positively.

Let's use an extreme example.

If we think that the view that we can't lift a ten tonne truck, or run 100 metres in a second, is negative thinking, then we have a distorted view of what positive thinking is, but why do we?

The resistance people have to seeing the truth and reality of a situation the way it actually is usually belies an underlying negative thought of their own; what is it that is so inherently not okay with my life that I have to take an overly - unrealistically - optimistic approach to things? What is driving the desperate need for unrealistic over-optimism...?

The thing that's needed here is healing. But no-one thinks it's positive to admit that. If they do they can turn a strength into a weakness, a lie into a truth, a negative thought into a positive thought.

If something is a certain way, can you be okay with that in your sense of self? If so, that is a strength. If not, the idea that, inevitably, only so much can be achieved in a certain day, for example, might be met with resistance - resistance which masquerades as trying to be positive.

Positive thought never needs forcing - because it is truth based - it just gets uncovered! (big smile!)

2. Positive Thinking via The Overarching Truth of Wisdom. The truth of who you ultimately are is not to be found in objects, physical or otherwise.

So if positive thinking is truth-based thinking, and aligning ourselves clearly with truth and reality is the key to the positive thinking strength, then if there happens to be one truth which overarches all others, then surely this truth requires some serious attention?

And there is.

The wisdom truth is that we are not our personhood selves. Not ultimately. This is based on a piece of simple, pure logic; that of the relationship between Subject and Object. I'll explain;

A Subject is defined as "that which is aware of an object". So, for example, I'm aware of this chair, this keyboard, of my thoughts about finishing this article in time to go down the gym... I'm AWARE OF all these things, physical or otherwise, therefore I'm NOT these things themselves! If I was, I'd still have to answer the question - "If I'm that thing, who or what is that part of me which is aware of that thing?!".

But people live in ignorance of this all the time, all the time trying to find themselves, find their sense of self, find their peace of mind in terms of self-acceptance in things.

Of course, this leads to trying to build a sense of self on shifting sands.

We give our power away to the things which we think define us ultimately, and this is essentially what is known as ego. We grasp for things, rather than attract and sensibly pursue them.

This ego a false-self, it's not based on the actual underlying truth or reality of the situation, therefore it's the source of almost all of the other negative thinking which follows:-

"I won't be a worthy person until...", "I'm lost without you...", "If I can just do or get this I'll be able to be really great after that...".

The key to wisdom, and so the second key to positive thinking also, is to realise you are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions, your craven needs or your desires, even your healthy desires. You can take a perspective on all these things, so that the notion of them doesn't control you or make your actions towards them disjointed.

3. You are Where You Are. To beat yourself up for thinking negatively, or not so truthfully, is more of the same choice of negativity.

Answer?: So in a sense, just chill.

Wisdom is the very epitome of 'cool', because one is not self-consciously worried about one's sense of self - or even worried about one's performance at positive thinking - so it becomes a freedom which, paradoxically, gains great results.

If you find yourself thinking negatively, or not ready to admit your true power and resourcefulness to yourself, or if you don't feel confident about something, just accept and honour the fact. Don't judge yourself. Judgementalism is the expression of ego and false-self thinking. Self-judgementalism is negative thinking.

And if you happen to keep judging yourself, that's okay too, just accept yourself for that. You can know that you're aware of the power and confidence in you, and that it'll show up when it's ready.

By doing this, by taking this approach, we can actually thinking positively ALL OF THE TIME and from NOW, because we are willing to see the truth of things as best we can, even the truth that sometimes we can't.

We aren't needing to resist the reality of the current situation, so this is positive thinking. It becomes a flow that can be allowed - as best you can - in every moment.

The phenomenon of positive thinking or negative thinking is played out moment to moment. In any moment, we are either allowing ourselves as we are, or we are not.

So you can think positively all the time, whatever level you are currently at. If you find your ego being negatively self-judging or limiting - just accept that that moment happened. That was okay! After all, if a thought arises, as soon as it's happened you cannot change the fact! So positive thinking is all yours now! You cannot fail to do as best you can at it!

But if you'd like to have more help from me, you can check out my website below for articles, audios and videos, plus my recent radio interview on the subject.

Kind regards and best wishes for your positive thinking and wisdom,


Author's Bio: 

James Blacker is an Integral Philosopher and Wisdom-based life coaching writer who has been studying wisdom, personal development and health for almost twenty five years. During that time he has also worked with and interviewed many world-class experts in the fields of life success and wisdom, health and well-being, and is a well-known member of the UK's integral wisdom and evolutionary enlightenment communities. The website for his 20 week, home study online wisdom course can be found at