Being happy is not an easy choice. There will be times in your life when you feel stressed. There are challenges that seem so tough to you. There are unexpected incidents happening to you. So it’s inevitable that your motivation might get off track sometimes.
However, the good news is that through your mood can be affected by those external factors, a good portion of our happiness is within our control.
The 5 following steps are what you should do to keep enjoying happiness while overcoming the tough times from the position of strength and positivity.

1. Determine What Happiness Means to You
The first step in the journey to having a happy life is to determine what is important to you and what you value in life that brings you joy and happiness.
You don’t have to have all the answers. However, you do need a sense of who you are and how you want to live your life.
Happiness can only come into your life when you like who you are, and you are choosing to be the best YOU can be. Until you have attained that state of belief in you, living a happy life will be at times in your life completely out of reach.

2. Understand How Happiness Works for You
We all have very different personalities and this means that for some of us, we find it easier to be happy. A lot of research has been conducted on the relationship between happiness and different personalities and it is very complex.
There is, however, one aspect of happiness that most researchers agree with and that is, the level of happiness in a person’s life depends on their vision of what a “good life is”. Once a person works this out, then it is easier for them to identify what they can do to bring happiness to their life.

Happiness is a consequence of what we do and how we behave. Trying to make yourself think happier is not going to work; taking action and doing something different in a more a positive way is more likely to bring happiness into your life.

3. Choose to Be Around the Right People
Surround yourself with the people who reflect the person you want to be. Having positive and healthy relationships in life is the key to living a happy life. You do not want to spend any time with people who suck the happiness out of you.
Positive and healthy relationships are where you find the support and strength to face those tough times in life. If you don’t have positive relationships in your life, the chances of having happiness in your life are not that great.

4. Commit to Helping Others
Having a sense of purpose is important to having happiness in your life. In essence, the greater sense of purpose we feel, the happier we become.
Helping others, acts of kindness, compassion, and service to others increase our wellbeing and sustains happiness in our life.

5. Choose to Take Care of You – Mind Body and Spirit
A commitment to being the best person you can be is important to sustaining happiness in your life. Taking care of your body, mind and over wellbeing is crucial to you being the happiest person you can be.
If you don’t have a consistent type of physical activity in your life, then your mental energy, your emotional energy and your spiritual energy are depleted — in fact they are in the negative.
Your ability to deal with the tough times in your life is seriously compromised when you do not have the physical and emotional stamina to manage these setbacks.

In a nutshell, living a happy resilient life is within your reach. Having a solid foundation built on the premise of living a happy life is the key ingredient to successfully navigating your way through the tough times in life. And the above 5 steps will help you on your journey to maintaining happiness in your life.

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My name is Jamie Trinh. I am a travel enthusiast and writer who likes to express my opinions and share my experience in all aspects of life, particularly self-improvement. I have my bachelor degree in International Relations. And most importantly, my dream is to travel the world, meet new people and give love to all the beautiful souls I meet on my journey.