I recently posted my Expert page on SelfGrowth.com and wanted to share my insights with all the readers online. David Riklan, the founder of SelfGrowth.com, has created an excellent platform for all of us to participate in and to interact with other health conscious consumers. The ideas in this article are my own and came from reading other expert pages. We can learn from one another and I hope to help others avoid making the same errors or omissions on their expert page.

To begin, when designing your Expert Page keep in mind what you want the reader to do --- and tell them. Also, your Expert Page is about you --- but more importantly, it is about the reader and how you can provide answers to a problem. As you write your expert page make sure that you convey the idea that 'This person [you] is an expert in their field'.

Expert Page Quick Facts

Keep it brief and engaging. I would suggest that if you work with clients one on one, then include your city and state in this section [Mary Smith is a therapists in Dallas, Texas and...]. Make sure to invite the reader to “Visit my website” in this section and have a hyperlink to your website. Do not put a period [.] after your web address – as it often causes an error when linking to your site. Another good idea is to use 'Keywords' and hyperlink those to your site or an article you wrote on SelfGrowth.com. In the example above, the word 'therapists' could be hyper linked to your site.

Using one strong testimonial in the Quick Facts section helps to convey 'expert' and how you solved a problem. You could include a few more in the 'Getting Started' section or have a hyper link to testimonials on your website [Read more testimonials from Mary Smith's clients – click-here now].

Expert Page Recent Articles

Take the time and post articles online in your area of expertise. This is an excellent way to engage your visitors and give them another way to get to know you better. In addition, articles posted on SelfGrowth.com are linked to your expert page.

Expert Page Free Audio & Video Samples

There are several ways you can create articles to video or a simple slide show with images. Be creative with what you post in this section, example 100 Money Affirmations or Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Expert Page Favorite Quotes & Thoughts

Ok, in this section I would suggest posting maybe three or five quotes --- at the max. I have seen too many expert pages with a half page section (and more!) of quotes. I would recommend creating a page on your site with favorite quotes and linking to your site. It is a simple and clever way to get the visitor to go to your site.

Expert Page Getting Started

I would suggest repeating the city and state in this section [Mary Smith is a therapists in Dallas, Texas and...]. This section is an excellent spot to “Tell the reader” what you want to do. Examples, 'to schedule an appointment'; to learn more read 'About Mary Smith' and hyperlink to the About Us page; or, visit my website at...

Expert Page Contacting

Here you can link to a contact form on your website or any page that has contact information.

In conclusion, I learned a lot when I designed my expert page by viewing other expert pages online. I learned even more as I wrote this article. Your Expert Page will probably be evolving and have new information and you learn and grow. Be well and prosper.

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Wayne McDonald is the founder of 123relax.com - HolisticWebDirectory.com and Ourfamilyshealth.com For more ideas about Holistic Health Marketing or Finding a Health Practitioner visit www.Holisticnetworkexchange.com