« Believe in a world of Love and joy:
work with passion to make it come true,
in any possible way.

The world needs you:
the way you are now…
anything you can give now.

Feel yourself awaited, sought after:
many a heart are waiting for you,
many a Soul are looking for you. »

« In the silence, you can feel
the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
She is calling upon you with infinite tenderness:
– Come, daughter of mine,
I will support you with all my strength
during your journey,
I will hold you into my womb
and cradle you with Love – .

In the silence, you can feel
the heartbeat of the Universe.
With infinite sweetness, it is whispering to you:
– Come, daughter of mine,
I will guide your steps towards the Light,
So abandon yourself into my arms,
fall asleep upon my heart – .

In the silence, you can feel
the heartbeat
of Creatures from all galaxies.
They are singing the song of Love for you:
– Fill your heart with our Love,
infuse our Joy into your Being.

Take it as much as you can
so Love will overflow from your heart,
and Joy will exude
from every single part of your body. –

And in the silence,
you will hear the voice of your Soul saying:
– Let’s go and play the greatest game of all,
our most important mission:

‘To bring happiness to the hearts,
to give Light and Love
to the world’. – »

« The Soul ‘is writing’ her story
little by little.
What she ‘is writing’ in this lifetime,
shall affect the following lives
and her own evolution.

Let the Soul use
the pen of Love,
to write on a candid sheet:
your wonderful heart. »

« Evolution does not depend
on the duration of a lifetime,
or the number of lives,
but on everything you do and express,
on the intensity and purity
you put in when you act. »

« You can cross the skies,
sail through the Oceans,
reach the stars,
but if you do not love,
your Soul will not make any progress.

You can know all the stars,
create something amazing,
possess the world,
but if your heart failed to love and give,
the hands of your Soul
will remain empty. »


Here I am, sweet Luminous Soul, brimming with happiness and ready to share with you the joy I experienced when giving, the ecstasy I felt when loving.

Far from me the desire to teach you the art of helping:
I am just getting to know it…!

But I know the School where you can learn it: Love,
the way leading there: joy,
how to experience it: diving into it.

If you please, we can go for a little walk… and in the meantime I will tell you how I got to know them.

Oh, I almost forgot…
This School has many doors, ‘luminous doors’ leading to games through which you can learn the art of helping, giving and loving.
We therefore need to take with us the ‘Keys of Light’ that we already know.
It does not matter if we did not ‘polish’ them yet or if sometimes we do not know how to ‘use’ them…
The Angels will come with us: They will show us the doors we need to enter any time.
And remember, we only have one pocket where to keep them as we proceed: our heart.

So we can hold each other with one hand and give the other one to our Angel…

Let’s leave our hearts open to receive the ‘Key of Light’ we need in every moment.

People you can help

« Every Living Being is a ‘Miracle’ who
manifests Love in his existence.

It can be a Creature of the sky,
land or water.

It may belong to worlds that you do not know.

It can be a ‘traveller’ on Earth.

See them as Divine Sparks,
welcome them as unique and precious jewels,
feel them as a part of you:
we are all ‘Cells’ of the same Light. »

« Whenever you meet someone in your journey,
you do not know what is the real reason of that encounter,
but in a person you can see:

a child to love,
a heart to be fulfilled with happiness,
a Soul ready to bloom
and show all her beauty.

… and working to make all this happen,
could be your mission… »

« Any time you meet someone,
smile with friendliness:
and remember that
you do not know his inner being,
his entire story,
you do not know the scope
of his Soul.

Love that person: you will remind him/her
that he/she is a Child of the Light.

Give help: he/she will feel
loved by the whole Universe.

With joy you can do anything,
you can
help people manifest
their Essence of Divine Sparks,
and elevate their Soul. »

« Any time you meet someone,
see them as ’Divine Instruments’
to learn ‘the art of Loving’,
to give and give yourself,
to receive help, a message,
to grow and evolve,
to express your Essence.

Take this opportunity, make that moment special:
fill your heart with happiness,
your Soul will fly,
you will make the Angels smile. »

Nature is calling upon us


Follow me, O beloved Luminous Soul, along the way to the ‘School of Love’, a beautiful park awaits us there.
It is so big: there are fantastic ponds, streams, waterfalls and we will be able to admire the Ocean on the other side.
I heard the call of someone who needs our help coming from the park…
To get there, we must open a large gate with three locks: we will open it with the ‘Keys of Light’, joy, simplicity and candour.
Inside it, on the right, stands a huge tree: it is the Guardian Tree.
We must stop there, lean over its trunk, close our eyes and smile.
The tree will check if our heart is completely open and if we managed to leave our thoughts out of the gate…
If all goes well, it will call the Fairy of the park.
She will caress our cheeks and we will be brought back to our childhood:
so that we will remember the language of Nature that all children know.

Here we go: we are inside the park yet…
So beautiful to be children again!
You will see how many wonderful games we can play here!
But first of all let’s pay a visit to the one who called us.

« I am right down here,
I am the Tree with the colourful leaves.
They chopped off one of my branches.
Place your hands here on my wound:
so the pain will go away
and I will get well soon! »

« I am the Plant with the pink flowers.
One of my branches is broken…
Take it and plant it over there:
a new plant will be born soon
with many flowers just like me. »

« I am the little Bird that fell off the nest.
Can you put me back in?
My mom has been trying for hours…
but she cannot! »

« I am the little yellow Flower.
I haven’t been watered for a long time...
I am so dry:
can you give me some Water? »

« I am the white Kitten.
I am lonely, my mom is not here…
I am so hungry: can you feed me? »

« I am the brown Puppy.
They abandoned me!
They closed the gate behind me
and the Fairy let me in here:
may I come with you? »

« I am the silver Dragonfly.
My wings are wet and I cannot fly!
If you blow them dry,
I will be able to continue my journey. »

« Hey! Come over here…
I am the small blue Pond…
They threw
bottles and other things in me
my belly hurts…
can you remove them?
They put more things in that bag
then hung it on that Pine…
He is so polite that he does not complain…
But if you remove it,
he will surely feel better! »

« I am the umbrella-shaped Mushroom.
They tossed a newspaper on me!
and I cannot grow…
Could you pick it up? »

« I am the newly-grown Grass.
They left a blanket here!
I tried to put up with it while they were sleeping…
But now I am suffocating…
Can you remove it? »

« I am the little white Butterfly.
Follow me please,
someone else needs your help… »

« It is me, the Seagull.
I got caught in this fishnet
left by the fishermen last night.
My seagull friends,
tried to free me,
but to no avail…
They called for help so loud,
that the little Butterfly heard them.
Can you free my wings up? »

« I am the little blue fish.
I got on the wrong wave…
and I was thrown here on the shore…
Can you put me back into the Ocean?
So I will be able to join my family again.
We are so many…
they still have not realised
that I am missing… »

« They lit a fire in my Sand…
Then off they went
and left all this firewood behind!
If you remove it,
the kids will come back and play… »

« They thought of hiding what
they do not use anymore between us Rocks…
And I got them all…!
They are squashing me… help me…! »

« They lay down and got tanned
on the Rocks near the sea…
I was happy to accommodate them,
but I did not know that they would
write all these horrible things on me…
I am so ashamed…
can you erase them? Can you?
Then could you do the same thing on my friend the Wall, near the gate?
He is really sick at the thought that
children too will be able to read those
horrible things when they come… »

« I am the gravel Trail.
They dug a hole right here in the middle,
I do not know what they were looking for.
But there is nothing here...
so they walked away and
left this hole behind.

If someone comes here and does not pay attention
or when it gets dark, they will fall right in!
I know it is hard work,
but if you can cover,
or signal it,
you will avoid a great deal of danger… »

« I am the Porcupine.
I fell down in another hole…
Can you get me out of here?
Don’t be afraid, I do not sting.
Can you tell other people too
if they can gently remove us
when they see us on the road?
We do not sting… »

« I am the little green Lizard.
They chopped off my tail…
Can you put me in that little hole?
so I will be able to recover my strength. »

« I am the little Hare with a white chest.
One of my legs is broken…
I feel sad:
now I cannot run with the Elves anymore,
or play hide and seek with the Gnomes…
If you apply a tight bandage around it
with all your Love,
I am sure I will get better… »

« Hey, children, can you come to our meeting?
I am the green Frog,
and here with me are some little Spiders,
a baby Snake, an Earthworm,
a Worm, a hairy Caterpillar.
We often meet
because we cannot solve
a very important problem:
children are told that
we are ugly, hairy, poisonous
and other awkward things…
they are told that they must stay away from us,
or run away if they see us.
So we cannot either give our Love
to them…
or receive it…
Can you help us? »

« I am the little grey Snail.
I’ve climbed on the top of the house
of my friend the Turtle.
We have an important appointment…
and we will not be able to make it on time.
You guys can run…
but we cannot…
Can you give us a lift? »

« I am the little
I really wish
people knew
that we too have a
little heart
to love, even if
you cannot see it…

« I am the white Lambkin.
I fell down,
I tried to hang on some bush
to avoid falling into
a water ditch…
I called for help
all night long…
I am exhausted now…
The Shepherd came looking for me,
he walked past me,
but he could not see me:
the bush is too tall
my voice is feeble…!
Now he is looking for me
far from here…
Can you hear my mom’s cries?
She is so desperate…
She is there in the sheepfold…
Would you bring me back to her? »


O little Soul, did you see how many creatures need help in the park?
I know, you are wondering who caused all this, how they could get in…
For sure the heart of those trouble-makers was not open and filled with Love…
Oh no…! I can assure you that when they came in their hearts were open.
But then they shut them… so they forgot the language we speak here!
You know we are free… we can change, and we are free to do whatever we want… including closing our heart!
No Fairy can open it… there is no magic wand for this… we can only do it ourselves.
Not even the Angels can force us to keep our heart open to Love.
But when we really mean it and ask for Their help, our heart will bloom again.
And we too can work to make this happen, by giving our Love, giving joy by helping others.

How to do that? Come, there are some friends who can teach us here…

Simple ‘examples’

« Hello, I am the Tree you helped.

I am happy because
I keep all travellers cool with my shade.
I strengthen those who hug me through my lymph.
I can hold nests in my hands
and squirrel in my arms.
I can let children play on my branches,
Let the dreamers lean on my trunk.
If someone cuts one of my branches off, I smile,
and the next day, if he comes again, I welcome
and love him
Maybe one day, while remembering this,
he will learn what forgiveness is.

And I can do all this,
while loving the ground
that provides food to my roots,
and I am grateful to the sky
which helps me grow towards it,
I smile at the Sun
which keeps my sight in the Light. »

« I am the Branch you planted.
Now I am almost as big
as my mom…!
I am happy because I can bring joy with my flowers, their smell is so intense,
that many minds fall asleep…
so the hearts are listening,
talking and singing in freedom!
And in a while,
I will be able to give my precious fruits to you. »

« I am the little Bird you put back in the nest.
I am happily chirping and I can sing for you…
I have learnt so many beautiful songs,
and I will sing them every day. »

« I am the little Flower you watered.
I am happy because now I can bless you
with my colours and my scent.
If somebody picks me up
I can show Love to someone in love,
make a sick person happy.
Say thank you to a friend,
express gratitude to a Mom.
Fill a sad room with brightness,
help the Souls to remember
their scents and ‘colours’. »

« I am the white Kitten.
I am happy because I taught
someone to caress… »

« I am the brown Puppy.
I am happy to let children play with me,
and I remind grown-ups of
unconditional Love. »

« I am the silver Dragonfly.
I am happy because I have drawn
a look up to the sky... »

« I am the little blue Pond.
So nice… I regenerated many bodies
through my clean water. »

« I am the little Mushroom.
I am happy because I provided
a shelter to many Ladybugs,
and I am about to be picked up… »

« I am the Grass.
I grew taller,
and now I can feed many a Sheep. »

« I am the little white Butterfly.
I am happy because
I remind you of my friend the Spring,
I feel proud because
I can show the way
to the ones who get lost… »

« I am the little Ant.
I am carrying a big bread crumb.
If you hold me in your hand,
I will teach you how to be
as strong as me… »

« I am the Ladybug.
If you place me on your heart,
I can give you so much Love too. »

« I am the little grey Mouse.
If you place your ear
on the ground,
my friend the Mole and I,
will tell you what is going on down there. »

« I am the baby Squirrel,
I am playing with my friend the Cricket,
we use nuts and peanuts…
as balls
Would you like some?
They are so delicious… »

« I am the Seagull.
I am happy
because I can teach how to fly once again… »

« I am the little blue Fish.
I am happy because I can
play hide and seek with the divers. »

« I am the Beach.
So much fun!
The children are building wonderful things
with my sand. »

« I am the Rock.
happy to give my strength
to all those who hug me »

« I am the Rock near the sea.
So happy!
So many people come here:
they meditate and dream for hours and hours… »

« I am the Wall you painted new.
I am happy:
now I can smile to children
who walk past me,
and provide a shelter to the lizards
that climb on me. »

« I am the little Lizard you saved.
I come here too,
and happily chat with my friend the Wall. »

« I am the Sun.
I am happy to warm you through my rays,
to light up the world with my light,
to turn rain into refreshing water. »

« I am the Cloud.
I am happy because I am always changing:
so many hearts dream along with me…!
And I am proud to remind the Souls
that if they can fly high they will be free…
and nobody can lock them away… »

« I am the Wind.
I am happy because I carry seeds.
I blow away the grey clouds
to make room for the Sun.
I can lift up dry leaves
to help shoots grow up.
I carry the birds
that travel from country to country.
Whenever you like,
I can carry,
Love and Joy,
to all those who live far away
and everything else inside your heart.
Ask and give me everything:
I will be fast… happy to give for you… »

« I am the Sea.
I am happy because I wash the shores.
I carry sailors with Love.
I fulfil with joy those who come and discover
the creatures who lie inside my heart. »

« I am the Wave.
I am happy
because I can play with anyone.
I gently touch the feet
of the ones who are too weak to swim…
of those afraid to dive. »

« I am the Bee.
I am happy because I give honey,
and help flowers spread their pollen. »

« I am the Ivy.
I am happy because I keep company
to whoever wants to grow beside me… »

« I am the Earthl.
I am happy to embrace anyone and anything.
To feed each and every root.
To support travellers.
To disclose my treasures to explorers. »

« I am the Star.
I am happy because I can remind anyone
of the immensity of the Firmament. »

« I am the Moon.
I am happy
because I can light up the darkest nights.
Because through my ever-changing faces,
I can tell you that what you see depends on
where you are… »

« I am the fresh water of the Stream.
I am happy because I can quench thirst,
play with the children,
chat with the hearts.
I am proud to show that through my flow,
I can overcome any obstacle,
I can reach meadows,
and end up into the endless Ocean.

I am happy because my friend the Sun
lifts me up to the sky,
my friend the Wind carries me afar,
towards unknown lands,
so I can quench the thirst again. »

« I am the Water of the waterfall.
I am happy
because I live in the ecstasy of abandonment:
diving into the void…
without knowing where I will fall…
I live in the ecstasy of reaching the high peaks.
I can taste humbleness
when I end up and lose myself in the Ocean. »

« I am the Seed.
I am happy because I spread everywhere:
I carry the certainty of growth.
I am happy
because I can help flowers grow between Rocks,
showing thus the power of Life.
This confirmation
feeds the Soul,
just like an ear of corn originating from me,
can feed a body.

If I will happen to be a lonely Flower in the desert,
I will be able to mend the heart of a bandit
who will see me.
If I will grow on a high peak,
I will help climbers forget their weariness.
If I bloom and then decay
without having seen anybody,
I will be happy anyway.
What matters is to know how
to perish as a Seed and be born again as a Flower.
to fulfil my duty as a Flower
opening up to the sunrays,
emanating my scent. »

« I am the little Starfish.
I am happy because now
I remember that my little
sisters, the Stars in the sky,
have so much Love
to give… just like me… »

« I am the white Lambkin.
Would you like to follow me to the sheepfold?
My mom with all is friends
is there
and they want to thank you…
They are still singing of joy!
The Shepherd went to sleep
because he was tired:
he went looking for me
day and night…
He was weary and sad,
when he returned to the sheepfold…
I ran after him:
he happily smiled at me
he took me into his arms
with all his Love.
Then he caressed me for a
long time... with my mom
watching nearby.
You know…? I felt his heart beating so strong…
and saw tears of joy
running down his cheeks… »

« I am the multi-coloured Rainbow.
So great to link different worlds together!
My colours
are luminous ribbons,
some come from the Earth,
to lift up to the Sky
all the beautiful things
that lie inside the hearts
of the creatures living here.
Others come down from the Sky,
bringing gifts and Love
from the ones who live above
to anyone here…
Oh!...I am there
even when you cannot see me… »

« I am the Fairy.
I am happy because I have the real magic wand:
I can play with Gnomes and Elves.
It does not matter if just a few can see us.
We are here, ready to play
with all children… »

I am your Angel

“I am your Angel.
I am happy because I can be beside you,
walking together towards the Light.
If you want, I can play with you,
fulfil your heart,
help your Soul to fly.

When you see somebody:
wrap them in Light,
send words of Love to their hearts,
let your Soul be free
to reach their Soul.

When you meet somebody:
smile with friendliness,
greet them with joy,
welcome them with enthusiasm.

When you are near somebody:
caress them sweetly,
whisper your Love to them,
praise them,
highlight their value and abilities.

When you walk with somebody:
keep your sight on their Beauty,
remember their Divine Essence.
Encourage them to get to know
what their Journey means,
take them to discover their Treasures,
help them to grow their Essence.
Be prepared to leave them anywhere,
at any time,
for any reason.

I am happy because I love you,
I am smiling, proud of you.”


Did you see, O little Soul,
how helpful and full of Love we can be in just one park?
Now think about going everywhere else…!

So many things we have learned
from these beautiful Creatures…!

We can truly learn quickly, but to put them in place…
Oh well! It takes time, practice and a lot of patience…

Maybe we will forget them sometimes…
but don’t worry, they’re used to give lessons here…!

If we practice them every day,
we will be good in no time,
we will do them effortlessly.
And we will get to know the meaning
of each word and the teaching
of the examples we have observed here.

So much joy can be given to the heart
by these sweet Creatures
who can express their happiness,
be themselves, the way they are,
giving what they are able to give!
And none of them
would like to be someone else…
They don’t think how to give,
or what to give:
they’re just happy to give…!

O Luminous Soul, I can hear the Angel calling upon us:
he needs our help…
Is it possible? Come on, he is an Angel!
Let’s go and see… maybe I am wrong…!

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Helping with Light and Love

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.