Collaborate with the Angels

... Here comes the Angel…
Smiling at us…
Let’s hear what he has to say…

Would you like to collaborate with Me?

“Allow Me:

to meet the Souls walking with you,

to approach the hearts next to you,

to welcome with your enthusiasm,

to hug with your arms,

to caress with your hands,

to love with your Soul,

to give with your heart,

to whisper ‘I love you’ through your lips,

to wipe off a tear with your kiss,

to use your smile to make people smile,

to give joy through your joy,

to reassure while you shake hands,

to feed with your Love,

to quench the thirst with your Light,

to praise with your eyes,

to sing through your voice,

to help others play with your playfulness,

to help dance with your dancing,

to help grow through your warmth,

to enchant through your colours,

to stupefy with your beauty,

to elate with your scent,

to fulfil with your peace:

let Me recognize
through you. ”

“Let Me write down My Love
on your heart,
so that all the Souls
can read it…”

“With My Light let Me wrap
your Soul,
so that all Souls
can be dazzled.”

“With My joy let Me fill
every cell of your body,
so that every heart
can be touched.”

“Let Me put My gifts
into your hands,
so that everyone
can have them.”

“Let Me open
your little Child heart,
so that this Child
can imagine incredible things,
dream the unimaginable,
the impossible,
take you beyond borders,
give Me the opportunity
to show you that
anything is possible
with Me.”

“Let Me infuse My Essence
into yours,
so that every heart
will have wings,
and each Soul will be able to fly with Me.”

“… Don’t ask yourself what lies behind time and events, other than the perception of the voice of your Soul on a greater degree, to comprehend if time is right for something, if a given event is actually a call for something else.
If you ask Me to help you understand it, if your heart will remain open, then you will comprehend whether an action or something else is required from you, maybe a different thought, a wish, an idea or intent.
Then let it flow and abandon yourself to the flow of Life, ride the wave of Love.
Allow me to operate inside you and the ‘Hearts’ you meet, while you relate yourself with them.
If you work with Me on this awareness, calling upon Me intensely, if you stay close to Me, and all of Us who are working together for you and with you, if you are connected to the Light, the Whole: then you will perceive yourself as a ‘Gift’.
Feel my presence in every action, firstly crave for it.
Do everything feeling that you are working with Me and the Light: this is my magic, my greatness, this means to give and give yourself genuinely.
You will never be alone if you call upon Me in every action, if you feel that I am close to you and you are able to live the whole thing with Me.
This is true in every action, step, expression.
Including when you play, sing or dance.
Even in silence, you are close to Me.
To train yourself for this, sometimes ask yourself:

- Am I doing this… am I living this… along with my Angel? -

Everything will change: a part of you will do everything, the other part will make everything happen.
Seize the day to express what you chose to be, because actually you are living it already and, therefore, you will be able to be.
Let all the Essences you chose to express flow from your heart, everything you decided to give.
And remember that every single ‘Heart’ you meet, every ‘Heart’ walking with you, bears a variety of stories for your growth as well as for her development, in order to elevate your Souls.
For this reason, increase your awareness and learn how to give, love, help in the deepest, most intense and total way, yet always in total freedom.”

“… If you decided to work at the ‘Service of Light’, to collaborate with Me, you cannot know beforehand what you will have to do, where it will take you, though you will always be able to hear a voice reminding you of your choice in every situation.
For this reason, let yourself be guided, choose everything with Me, see yourself as a co-worker of Mine, a marvellous instrument of Light.
If you understand that there is a place awaiting to receive your Love, the Light; whether there is a task or something to do, to give help: always remain calm, remember who you are, your Essence, what you chose to be.
So you will be smiling, and feel that Me, Us, are always with you when you help, go, act, live your battles and those of others.
You are never and never will be alone!”

“… Come and quench your thirst with the water from the spring of Light: you will be a rich spring too, able to provide crystal clear and refreshing water.
Live a balanced life, you need to realise when to give or receive water; this is the only way for you to always have some pure water to quench your thirst.”

“… Be always humble, careful and gentle.
Be like a river carrying water to a meadow nearby.
And ask Me to help you understand when the land is dry or too dry, in order to avoid overflowing or flooding.
First you need to understand, then to give with compassion and equilibrium.
This is called prudence: it will not prevent you from giving water in the right amount, simply because prudence, when enlightened, does not retain any water.
If the ‘Hearts’ come closer, they will feel you need water too, so they will accept and receive water from you; if they perceive that you are walking with them during their journey, they will be able to look up to the Sky.
When you meet someone, perceive them as flowers in need of water.
And remember that with Us, a flower will never come close to give water, because actually this is about becoming that flower, yet always preserving your Essence; with Us it is not about getting close to the ‘Hearts’, but penetrate their suffering, live their fears, without being overwhelmed.
Maybe you are afraid of such a commitment, but do not be with Us, because this is simply about becoming that flower, while you will keep exuding your smell, giving that flower the opportunity to shine, allowing its treasures to shine, Our Light.”

I will help your Souls to meet

“… If you need to go somewhere, do not think that you will necessarily give help or find someone in need, but be open to all possibilities and prepared to give and help at any time.
If you cannot walk in the world for a while, do not think that you do not have any possibility to give or help, so remain open and be ready to welcome anyone if they show up, ready to give whatever is needed.
If you are going through a period when you cannot see the chance to give, when no help is required from you, when there is no ‘Heart' to be loved, do not consider that time or period as a waste.
Maybe you need that time to prepare yourself, to help more later on, to improve yourself in order to be able to give in the future.
Keep in mind that if a ‘Heart’ needs your help, We will make that meeting happen.
If a Soul is searching for you, We will lead her to you.
If a ‘Heart’ or a Soul are waiting for you, We will take you there.
The great plan according to which Souls are meant to live together is not to meant to be understood and will remain unknown, but We can see it and, therefore, we can help you to make it come true.
Always see your life as a gift, and be ready to donate it; see your Journey as a gift, and always be willing to share it.
Hold My hand tight, and ask Me to show you the way, to keep you where you are supposed to stay, to help you behave as required in a given moment.
This way you will be serene as you will run towards the world, being a refreshing spring, a light that illuminates, a tree awaiting, a shelter to accommodate, or simply a torch drawing gazes to the Sky, the Light.
When your heart is open, your body is strong and ready to live it all, and your Soul will be free to accomplish your plan.
When you asked me to help you and extended your hand towards me, be sure that the plan will be followed and what is meant to happen will happen; whatever is supposed to happen it surely will; be sure that in any case you will have opportunities to love, give and help.
There will always be moments when your heart, body and Soul need to be loved, helped and receive your gifts.
Be happy to live, and spread your Essence; be happy to live and open yourself to life; everything will happen, everything will come to you.”

How to relate yourself with others

“… Know your pearls, be sure that everyone, as Souls, contains pearls.
Make them shine and then give them away; you will become a pearl too, ready to be donated by Me.
This way you will be able to recognise the pearls in all the Souls you meet.
Highlight your beauty: you will know how to recognise the beauty of the Souls you meet.
Celebrate your achievements: you will teach how to celebrate others’ achievements and be able to walk with those who can achieve.
Be proud of your accomplishments: you will help others to accomplish things too.
Be happy of your changes: you will support hearts and Souls in their changes.
Love yourself the way you are, be happy about the place you live: you will love everyone the way they are in that moment, you will help them achieve everything you can, while living together in the same place.
Look through the eyes of Love, love as a Soul able to overcome anything, look at the luminous Flame shining in each and every one of us.
Feel like a child and play together with anyone you meet.
Do your best and make people sing, smile, cheer, find Love and Light.
Think of ways to let Love flow from your heart into others, ways to donate the Light of your Soul to other Souls, ways to transmit your joy to the ones you meet.
Feel like a child and think about everything you were happy to receive when you were a child, and give it to others.
Feel like a child and think about all the gifts you could bring to make somebody near you happy.
Feel like a flame lighting up other flames, let your flame shine to illuminate other hearts and Souls.
Keep your mind busy thinking about what you should give, who you should help, and how to show your Love.
Your heart, your Soul, will provide you with some answers. I will create occasions, I will give you the opportunity to achieve this.
The more you give, the richer you will be; the more you help, the more you will receive; the more you love, the more you will be loved.
Feel like a beloved Soul and you will give love; feel like a child who is being cuddled and you will help with joy.
When you leave home, ask Me to turn on the Light in your heart; and imagine your heart shining of an intense Light.
Then, while walking, you can see the Light expanding within, and you can wrap it around whoever you meet.
When you leave home, ask Me to fill your heart with My Love, and listen to your heart while it overflows.
Then, as you walk, you can see that this Love becomes a wave able to penetrate any heart, try to visualize this wave in every heart you meet.
Do all this with your smile.
So, without doing or saying anything, you will give, love, help, simply by walking in the world.”

“… Remember that your eyes can express much more than any words, that your heart can donate unimaginable treasures, your Soul can help and teach the unknown wisdom.
Feel like a Soul, perceive others as Souls, and feel the greatness of being able to meet other Souls.
Always keep your eyes on the Sky though.
Breathe profoundly at every meeting; be aware of who you are, regard those meetings as opportunities to love and give; see them as instruments to love, give and help.
You will remember than anything you do is aimed at helping your Soul accomplish her plan, elevate herself during this journey.
Imagine yourself to be always in school, and do everything with the humbleness of a student who needs to learn a lot from anything and anyone.”

Listen to your Soul

« When you walk in the world
and meet someone,
listen to your Soul:
she will leap out of joy
reminding you to perceive others
simply as Souls. »

« When you are close to somebody,
listen to your Soul:
she will sing so that you can
go beyond the heart
and relate only as a Soul,
giving just her Love. »

« When you decide to help,
listen to your Soul:
she will remind you of all the wisdom
learned during this journey,
and in previous journeys too. »

« When you walk with someone,
listen to your Soul:
she will remind you that Light is your destination. »

« When you are living something,
listen to your Soul:
she will remind you that everything you live
can be turned into a treasure
to be kept in her ‘suitcase’… »

« When you think to do something,
listen to your Soul:
she will whisper to you if that
is a good action to elevate and raise her. »

« In any place you are,
anything you do,
anything you live,
listen to your Soul:
she will help you understand
whether in that moment you are
letting her free,
or you are preventing her from flying. »

« When you are loving,
giving, helping,
listen to your Soul:
she will let you know if you are really
loving unconditionally,
giving with detachment,
helping in freedom,
or you are just fulfilling your needs,
seeking a gain for yourself. »

« Listen to your Soul:
you will accomplish your plan. »

« Do what the Soul suggests:
your heart will be fulfilled. »

« Follow your Soul:
you will reach your objective. »


Come, little Soul, let’s sit down near the pond.
There, we will be able to receive the suggestions that will help our hearts to give, love and live at the ‘Service of Light’.

How to prepare yourself

« If you want to live in harmony with the Universe,
tune in your notes with the silence.

If you want to play the music of Love,
in the morning, ‘tune in’ your heart.

Your heart is a fabulous instrument,
that needs to be tuned in before you start
playing in the orchestra of Life. »

« Let your heart chant with joy,
let your body vibrate with Love,
let your Soul play
the music of Light:
you will hear the Angels
and all Living Creatures
singing in chorus for you. »

« If you want to give:
be a heart that loves anything and anyone.
If you want to help:
be a child who plays with anything and anyone.
If you want to give yourself:
be a Soul at the ‘Service of Light’. »

« If you still cannot love,
if you are afraid to be loved,
join the creatures of the Universe:
every Living Creature is waiting for you.
It is so easy to live in Love with them:
they will candidly love you,
donate to you with simplicity,
caress you tenderly,
fill you with their tenderness. »

« When you approach someone,
ask your Angel
to vibrate through you.

When you are about to talk to somebody,
ask your Angel
to confirm your thoughts,
to whisper in your ear what you need to say.

When you talk with someone,
feel your Angel next to you
and smile:
you will accompany your words
with the tone, sound
and vibrations you need. »

« When you wake up
Smile at Life, smile at your Angel:
your heart will be filled with joy.
Get up with enthusiasm:
the journey goes on…
new adventures are awaiting you…

It is a new day:
you can play new games,
receive unexpected gifts.

Sit down in silence
and invite your Angel to sit next to you.

Smile at Him,
show Him your Love.

Thank Him for looking after you
at night.
Be grateful to Him for what He will do for you
during the day,
for the gifts He will bring.
Share everything inside your heart
with Him.
Tell Him your wishes, your needs:
be sure that you will get
anything you need,
all your Soul needs.

Breathe in calmly,
ask your Angel to hug you:
listen to His heartbeat,
abandon yourself to the sweetness of His Love.

Your heart will be filled
with His Love.
Your Soul will feel
His words.
Your body will receive
His strength.
Your Essence
will melt with Him.

You will feel so much loved,
that you will crave to love.
You will feel so rich,
that you will wish to give.
You will feel so strong,
that you will want to help. »

« And your little child heart
will pray:

– O Angel of mine,
help me to be
a gift of Love in Your hands.
Ignite the Divine Spark
in me,
so that I can bring
Light to the world.
Pour your Essence
into me:

I want to live
at the ‘Service of Light’.
Hold my hand tight,
so that I can walk
in the world safely,
looking at the sky,
smiling at the Universe. – »

« Now Love is breathing in and out:
feel it while it feeds every cell of yours.

It is inhaling and exhaling Light:
it quenches the thirst of your whole Being.

It is inhaling and exhaling joy:
feel it while it strengthens your body.
Feel yourself while you turn into
Love, Light, joy.
You are becoming a Divine Spark
surrounding everything and everyone,
with Love, Light, joy. »

« And your body will tell you:

– Make me shine,
so that I can express
Light and Love.

Make me strong,
so I can follow the Soul,
and manifest your Essence.

Get me ready,
so that I can do
the Soul and Light require. – »

« Smile at your body and
show it Love:
it was chosen by your Soul.
Be grateful to your body:
it allows your Soul
to make your plan come true.
Strengthen your body:
it helps you
love, give, help
and be at the ‘Service of Light’. »

« Move your body
The way you like,
do what you
feel it is right.
Let its energy flow,
Unleash all its strength. »

« Now you are ready:
hold your Angel’s hand,
smile and walk towards the world.

Feel like a child:
see life as a funny game,
do anything with joy,
along with your Angel.

Feel like a Soul:
see life as an adventurous journey,
consider everything as an opportunity to grow,
live everything as a chance to elevate yourself. »

« During the day,
smile at your Angel,
hold His hand tight.
And if you can,
play these games again,
keep your heart open,
and let your Soul always be free »

« Be vigil
and welcome every heart,
acknowledge every Soul,
give everything,
receive anything. »

« In the evening,
treat yourself with a moment of silence.

Think about what
You have done during the day:
your heart can give you new emotions,
your Soul can whisper new teachings to you,
your Angel can assure you once again.

Be grateful to your body, your heart,
your Soul.

Be grateful to all the Souls you have met.
Be grateful to your Angel for all the gifts.
Be grateful to Existence.

Show Love
to Life, to your Angel
to all Living Creatures.
Be happy for everything and everyone you
have loved, given, helped.

Let everything flow and remain in silence. »

« Before you fall asleep,
ask your Angel
to protect you.

Smile at Life,
at all Living Creatures,
at your Angel.

Hop on His arms,
seek protection between His wings,
fall asleep upon His heart. »


Follow me, little Soul, let’s go to that meadow, among those flowers that are smiling at us.
We can lie down for a while and feel the sweetness of Mother Earth, inebriate ourselves with the smell of flowers, dream while looking at the clouds in the sky, and take a rest in our Angel’s arms.
And while we are asleep, protected by His wings, all we have heard and listened to will be deposited in our heart.
During this break, we will be fed, cuddled and regenerated, then we will be ready to continue our journey.

Author: Satya

Extract from the book: Helping with Light and Love

In addition to these books we have published 22 small-ebook:

Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.