Anxiety is the situation when everything appears to be very negative and one feels as he or she can’t help it out in any way. The thinking actually becomes more of a negative depiction of everything around. It becomes more dangerous when one has some sort of ailment. Breast cancer is also one of those diseases which can be more fatal in the presence of stress and depression. Breast cancer screening is something that everyone individually and collectively uses to highlight its need. It is also said that one can get into a more aggressive form of breast cancer because of the continuous stress. The study also shows that black women have more tendencies to develop this aggressive form than white women in any stressful situation.

More stress more disease:
Stress is something really to worry about. Stress is linked to the level of different hormones and many other related things. The hormones are very much linked with the occurrence of breast cancer.There is not much available information about how this stress can trigger aggression with regards to breast cancer.During the treatment of breast cancer and even soon after the diagnosis this depression is very much evident and clearly can be seen in the women but the same way this depression is there even before the diagnosis of the disease, though there is still need to elaborate the things to get more and more information.

In order to prove this with a rational and mature approach, a survey was done. It included 989 breast cancer cases. After two to three months of treatment, these women did response about what they actually are feeling and how much they are feeling alone and obviously their mental condition as well as the levels of depression. At The same time, some medical tests and examination were also done to know about the aggression of the disease. It was clearly seen that the stress levels were high in black women as compared with the white women. Breast cancer screening is actually the first step following other procedures. Therefore the link between stress and aggressive breast cancer can’t be denied. Many of the independent researches also showed that stress and aloofness are the reasons behind breast cancer and obviously it becomes worse with the passage of time. The information is though not sufficed with accordance to the needs and more information is required for better understanding of the subject under discussion.

It is very much clear that there is some link between these two but how and why they are affecting each other is something that needs to be elaborated. Anti-anxiety medicines are given to some of the patients during the treatment of breast cancer to keep the patient relax and calm so less harmful effects can be developed. As everyone knows that breast cancer screening is very much essential the same way the treatment of depression is also a must otherwise things can be really devastating as well as threatening.

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