The Battle of Armageddon has begun.
But not in the way touted by religious dogma! As we all know, “Armageddon” is mentioned but once in the Bible, Revelations 16:16. It is here, a place that does not even physically exist, that dogma claims that the forces of good and evil will battle it out. It is said that the Bible means har Megiddon, which is really a plain; the meaning of Megiddon being mountain or high place.

Book III of The Waking God Trilogy, The Second Coming of Humanity, proclaims that the “battle” has begun. Yet, there is no physical evidence of this event occurring. This is because the engagement is not in the physical plane, but rather in the mind. There are physical manifestations, but the battle is mental. Mystically, when a reference is made to a ‘mountain,’ it is meant to symbolize higher levels of thought and awareness. It is in this place that all thought forms a pattern which manifests as reality.

It should be clear to any thinking person that the world is a bit messed up. Religion likes to argue that current events are the signs of the “End Times.” In a way, they are right, times are certainly changing, the old is battling the new and manifestations of this mental insurgency are manifesting everywhere and in every aspect of life. What precisely is happening? In the area of religion, we see scandal ridden dogma, the emptying of pews due to meaningless sermons, a questioning of basic religious teachings, and as Sam Harris says, the end of faith. At the same time, there is the rise in spirituality; the notion that all things are sacred, interconnected, and that each person can directly commune with higher levels of awareness in the pursuit of the Great Awakening. The Second Coming of Humanity calls this the god seed.

In economics, there is the growing awareness of the haves and the have nots. While this struggle is age old, the rapid spread of information via the internet has tremendously increased the awareness of the greed and power of the few as they seek to maintain their control over the middle and working classes. Newly revealed fraud, corruption and blatant disregard for the welfare of the people and the environment have polarized this issue on a world-wide basis with the manifestation of this mental battle resulting in the current state of economic turmoil.

Clearly, the politics of the world is rapidly headed for, or already in a state of confrontation. The Tea Party mentality which basically seeks to reinstate the reign of kings and self-created moral and religious dogma are head to head with more liberal ideas. Political lines are getting dangerously close to outright confrontation. Deadlock and gridlock are crippling the very functioning of western governments. The Arab Spring is a clear indicator of where this is could be heading. The protection of the rich at the expense of the general population is a fundamental issue as attempts are made to cut social programs in the name of the false promise of ‘creating jobs.’ The rich keep getting more, but this is not lost on a population that is better informed.

In science, there is the old school mechanics versus the new school quantum physicists. Is the universe simply the result of chance and mechanistic laws, or, as many scientists are saying, all that we observe in the universe is the direct result of consciousness? Is all that happens merely chance, or is the outward world merely a mirror of inner thinking. Is there an independent reality, or do we make it up as we go? Is entanglement, non-duality and multi-universes the true nature of things, or is it just what you see is what you get?

There is not a single aspect of life where old, worn out dogma is not in the throes of upheaval. And, if you can believe the Kabbalists, and others, who say that that we are directly responsible for all that happens in our world, then is their little wonder about the state of world affairs? As the inner mind debate heats up, the planet heats up. As we struggle with mass consumerism versus living sustainably, is there little wonder about environmental and economic chaos? As we expose ourselves to all levels of toxic products and containers, can we not see why the planet is ill? The greater the human turmoil, the greater the earth response in the forms of quakes, volcanoes, floods, and disease. All connected, all intertwined into one living system where the action of one is the cause of the other.

There have been many warnings of false prophets. There has also been the dogma that one day; a savior will appear to cleanse the earth and its inhabitants of all evil. This defies all logic and even imagination. It even defies the fundamental teachings of the great avatars who clearly have indicated what you so, you shall reap. People want to think that they can get ‘off the hook’ if they follow a particular creed or religion. Yet, these very religions have at their core the teachings that this is not the case. The battle in the mind, Armageddon, has indeed begun. It is not about good and evil, it is about knowing and ignorance. It is about enabling the god seed within to blossom and manifest. We, humanity are the Second Coming!

Author's Bio: 

Philip F. Harris is a multi-published and co-owner of All Things That Matter Press. In addition to the Waking God Trilogy, he is the author of the top selling, "Jesus taught It Too: The early Roots of the law of Attraction" and "Polarizing Your Life Toward perfection."