Any emotion that we feel is a direct result of our belief about either some words which were spoken or an event that has occurred which we think triggered us to feel a certain way. The truth is, when we subconsciously mistakenly believe something to be true about other people, we cause ourselves to feel angry. Likewise, when we mistakenly believe something to be true about ourself, we cause ourselves to feel anxious. Teachings from A Course in Miracles would have us evaluate our mistaken beliefs and to question which voice in our head we were listening to. Is it the voice of our ego-self? If yes, get ready to feel the anger or anxiety that comes with this mistake. The good news, however, is that you always get a do over. You get to choose the belief again. It's not what happens to any of us or around us that causes us to feel angry or anxious, it is what we consciously or subconsciously choose to believe about who we really are and the meaning we then give to triggering words or events.

Is it possible that you have forgotten who you really are? If yes, you may have created a slew of problems for yourself which cause you to feel angry or anxious. Find peace in knowing that your problems have already been solved. You are under no laws but God's/Love's. As your ego-self, you can choose to obscure this truth and create your own laws which cause you to create problems with yourself (anxiety) and others (anger). When you create and participate in problems, you hold grievances with yourself and others and you hide who you truly are. You hide your divine light. Know that you can decide to not do so. Choose to save yourself from feeling angry or anxious. Let miracles replace your grievances.

Remind yourself whenever you feel angry or anxious that God is Love, and God/Love created you like itself. If Love holds no grievances, then God holds no grievances. Remember, your only function in life is the one God gave you, not those you have given yourself. You are the Light of the world. That is your only function. In that function, you find your happiness, your release from anger and anxiety. That is why you are here.

When we truly believe who we really are, we begin to think like who we really are. When we think like who we really are, we begin to feel like who we really are. When we feel like who we really are, we then begin to act and react like our Real Self, and life feels good.

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