Inspirada is a master planned community that is located in Henderson, NV. The neighborhoods have been designed around over 80 acres of parks and playgrounds. The houses and townhomes form unique neighborhoods that promote an active lifestyle. A unique architectural feature is a large amount of the homes have the garage in the rear of the home. This is very popular in other cities, however very unique to Henderson, NV. It gives further function to the front of the home as a place to sit and enjoy. The tree lined streets are full of mature landscaping that adds to the ambiance of this community.

80+ Acres of Parks

Located at the northern entrance of Inspirada and at the intersection of Via Festiva and Via Firenze is Solista Park. This unique outdoor space has been designed to being neighbors together. A farmers market is held twice per month in the park. There is also a Henderson Police resource center. Officers are able to perform administrative work while being close to the community. The park even has a Jolly Beans coffee shop. Coffee, tea, and smoothies are the most popular options. Residents will also find a playground and two pools. This is just one of the outdoor spaces available.

Outdoor Activities for Everyone

Spanning 20 acres, Aventura park is packed with three soccer fields, two tennis courts, and two baseball fields. There is also a pool with one section dedicated to swimming laps. A unique feature is the electric vehicle charging station. Two parking spaces are dedicated specifically for this purpose. There are three additional parks within Inspirada. They have skate parks, barbecues, hiking trails, and spaces to have a picnic. Every area of this community is extremely well though out. The green spaces are never over crowded. It is also very easy to navigate through the different neighborhoods.

Luxury Homes in Inspirada

Toll Brothers is known for constructing luxury homes throughout Henderson, NV. They have two incredible new homes for sale - Marin and Vistamar. Starting around two thousand square feet the large homes can be purchased with pool sized lots. The larger floor plan is the Vistamar and it spans almost three thousand square feet. Pricing starts at almost five hundred thousand dollars. Each property has 10 foot tall ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and 3 car garages. A total of one-hundred and forty-three homes will be in this private gated community. There will also be a private pool only available for owners and their guests.

Inspirada Townhomes

The most cost effective homes for sale in Inspirada are townhomes. KB Homes has built a neighborhood named the Groves. A total of five floor plans span between one-thousand three-hundred and one-thousand eight-hundred square feet. They are all two stories with the master bedroom on the second floor. They all also have attached two car garages. Prices start at the mid two-hundreds. Each townhouse varies slightly and this helps buyers find the perfect home. A floor plan might be more ideal for a small family than a single person. Conveniently, all of these models can be seen at KB Homes massive sales center.

A Great Place to Call Home

The area West Henderson is growing quickly. The highest demand is for quality homes with great school districts. There is also a demand for homes with pools and townhomes. Inspirada has all of this and more. Home owners and their families will enjoy one of the best communities in the Las Vegas Valley. Enjoy movie nights in the park and community events every month. Enjoy the outdoors with a limitless amount of activities. If you are looking for other housing options, please visit Inspirada houses for sale. We list homes that can be rented or purchased throughout Henderson, NV.

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