A detox cure for the vagina - this is what vaginal steaming promises. The steam baths for the intimate zone are intended to cleanse, promote blood circulation and counteract stress.

It is an ancient technique used in the Mayan and Korean culture, and now it makes its great return to the current world as a great healer and antibiotic.

In the past, women used vaginal steam baths to relieve pain, infection, and infertility problems. In other cultures, it is known as bass or Chai-yok, and the herbs used have healing properties.

Just as we sometimes spray our faces to remove blackheads and detoxify the skin, vaginal steam baths have other functions that help preserve and improve genital health.

What is the use of a vagina steam bath?

The herbal vapors should act like a detox cure and cleanse the mucous membrane of the vagina. However, this effect has not been medically confirmed. Normally, the vagina does not need any special treatment, but cleans itself.

The Vaginal steaming helps but about to relax the pelvic floor muscles and promotes blood circulation in the genital area. This can be particularly beneficial for women who often cramp during sex and therefore suffer from pain. Even with vaginal dryness, skin irritation or ingrown hairs vaginal steam baths can counteract.

Accordng to leiamoon blog, there are some beneficial effects of vaginal vaporization with healing herbs:

- Reduce menstrual pain.
- Regulate irregular cycles.
- Reduce the size of ovarian cysts.
- Heal chronic urinary infections.
- Firm the skin and walls of the vagina.
- Increase libido.
- Improve the quality of sleep.
- Clean and give a good aroma to the vagina.

This ancient remedy has been taken up by many women today and has gained strength in the alternatives offered by alternative medicine.

How to do it?

The idea is to mimic traditional vaporization techniques, only now the vapor will be directed to the labia. This fabric is very porous and allows the body to absorb the substances released by the vaporized herbs.

What herbs to use?

The traditional busy herbs for vaginal steaming are lavender, oregano, rose petals, rosemary, and basil, all of which are easy to find in supermarkets or food stocks.

This technique is very useful as an alternative treatment for fertility since it can strengthen the uterus and solve problems that may be intervening in the regularity of the period.

Besides, by being absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin of the vagina, herbs will improve circulation throughout the body and benefit the entire body.

How do intimate steam baths work?

In just six steps to a vaginal steam bath:

- Bring the water to the boil and add a selection of dried herbs.

- Simmer the bath for ten minutes and then let it cool down a little.

- Leave the hot herbal stock in the pot or transfer it to a large bowl that you place under the edge of a chair.

- Take off the slip and find a comfortable sitting position on the edge of the chair.
So that the steam can draw into your vagina and not escape, wrap a blanket or a large towel around your waist that reaches down to the bowl (similar to a cold steam bath).
Let the steam bath work for 20 to 30 minutes.

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