There are tens of thousands of websites which ensure that the best video song download services are provided to visitors. In this tutorial, we will be looking at the top sites in the world that you can download songs from videos. The websites aren’t only music-related but they are the top websites that host music videos. The related steps are also given so as to facilitate the procedure.
The most important point to remember is that websites will use other downloader and browser extensions to make sure that the necessary is done.

Listed below are some of the best platforms to download or share free video songs.

1. YouTube
2. Vimeo
3. DailyMotion
4. Metacafe

1. YouTube:

• The largest video site in the world
• Greater database of songs and other contents
• Sometimes, finding the exact match is a complicated task.
How to download YouTube videos
a. The user must go to Youtube home page:
b. The user must then enter the relevant keywords to make sure the needed results are displayed:
c. The user must then copy the URL and head to another website such as that can act as a downloader to other sites such as YouTube.
d. The user must then enter the URL and press the download button. After doing this, the related formats of the video will appear from where the user can choose the best one to download and complete the process.

2. Vimeo:

• The exact match of the song is found easily
• The load speed is excellent
• Database is small to advanced users
How to download Vimeo videos
a. The user must access the video URL:
b. The relevant keywords must be entered in the search bar and see the results:
c. The URL is to be copied and the user can access SaveFrom website and make sure that the home page appears.
d. The copied URL must be pasted and the download button must be pressed to ensure that the corresponding format is downloaded.

3. DailyMotion:

• It is one of the largest video sites in the world.
• It has a relatively large database.
• Finding the exact match is very difficult
How to download DailyMotion videos
a. Go to the homepage of the website using the link above.
b. The relevant keywords must be added by hitting the image of the magnifying glass. After this, the results appear.
c. The URL is to be copied and pasted in the bar in SaveFrom website. To get the video, click on the download button and the relevant format would come up.

4. Metacafe:

• The website has a super fast loading time.
• The interface is very easy to use.
• Unique search engine.
How to download MetaCafe videos
a. The user must search the URL of the site provided above to get to the main page
b. The magnifying glass is to be hit after inputting the relevant keywords so the results are also displayed:
c. The URL of the video is to be copied and SaveFrom website should be opened
d. Paste the link to download the desired format that completes the process.

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