Twitter provides immense opportunities for business growth. You can leverage this power and highly loved social media platform to grow your business like never before. Here are the best of all strategies that can help you make the most out of it:

Use appropriate hashtags:
Hashtags are used to identify keywords or major topics in a Tweet. Clicking on a hashtag displays all the other tweets that contain the same hashtag information. In order to gain wider exposure through Twitter and build business relationships consider using hashtags relevant to your business. Also, make sure that you follow the Twitter etiquette of exercising restraint in the use of hashtags.

Put up a profile picture:
As a matter of fact, having an appealing brand logo helps people recognize your business. You can also consider having a photograph of a dedicated social media manager on your Twitter account.

Leverage Twitter search:
Twitter search helps you to find the right kind of audience to connect with. Using keywords and hashtags related to your business and target audience can help you to connect with like-minded people. Once you are done with the identification part, you can then start following them.

Make use of Twitter lists:
Twitter lists help organize your followers into different categories so as to engage with the right people at the right time. You can create lists of your followers, customers, prospects, competitors, or any other category that can be beneficial for your business.

Indulge into meaningful conversations:
Once you’ve identified the right kind of people to connect with and organised them into appropriate categories, you can then indulge into meaningful conversations. You can talk about yourself, your business, upcoming plans and a lot more. The basic idea is to keep your followers updated with your current status. You can share anything that is relevant to your business and you think that your followers will love.

Be yourself:
There’s a pattern regarding what people post on Twitter. New businesses start with a few followers. They publish whatever they feel flexible about. Gradually their followers increase and they become more cautious about what they post so that it does not affect their business. But this can be harmful as people follow businesses for what they started up with and they might not be happy with this change. So, it’s advisable to be your own self throughout the entire journey.

Comment and re tweet:
Commenting on others’ tweets creates an impression that you are interested in participating in the Twitter community as a whole. Re tweeting or passing on other’s message shows humanity and also lets others know that you are not just using it to publicise your own business but are also interested in what others have to say.

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