What is hot in camping country? Maybe camping trends do not affect you, and you especially do that what makes you feel comfortable. You're right! So do not build a camper especially when you prefer to travel with a tent. But maybe you're curious about what's happening in a camping country? We will put some trends for camping in 2017 for you in a row.

1. Convenience at the campsite
Convenience is not a trend that's new in 2017, but convenience is still up to date. For example, inflatable tents increased sharply last year and will increase even further this year. You can easily find inflatable tents online. Also very nice are the self-inflatable mats, not new, but so pleasant in use. He fills up with air and you are soaking up!

2. Share a caravan, camper or tent
This trend corresponds to a greater trend in our society, namely the sub-economy. As you share cars, you can share meals and Peerby is a site where you can check if you can borrow a drill near you. Of course, you can also share a lot of areas in the camping area. A tent, caravan or maybe a camper. You may use three weeks in the high season. Arrange a caravan or a caravan with your neighbors or friends and share the costs.

3. Faster and shorter camping holiday
Do you recognize that feeling? You have been away for a weekend and you will be back completely fresh and fruity, fully charged. We will see more this year that people get out of there for a short while. So you recharge the battery very soon before it can run out of it.

4. Theme camps
What we will see more in 2017 are camping holidays based on a theme. To complement your day, you can swim, cycle, play games with a theme or experience. Think of a language course, a yoga tract, painting or drawing lesson or cooking workshops. Or this way you have the best of two worlds. You are on vacation, have rest, but also do new experiences and practice your hobby.

For all your fun activities, we prefer to choose Lanmodo Automatic tents. Interesting? Yes, Exactly! This is an automatic tent which can be used in different ways. This is an all-in-one automatic car tent which can be used as a fishing umbrella or beach umbrella. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that this Lanmodo car tent is Big enough for (up to 7 people) outdoor parties with family and friends. So choose your theme tent carefully because now you have a good time!

5. Basic and cozy at the campsite
For a number of years is glamping hip. Luxurious camping with all amenities. However, we also see a "counter-movement" arising in the form of back to the base. Camping with basic equipment and without luxurious whistles and bubbles. In our assortment, we now have something that fits in nicely. We already had the group or family tents. The Lanmodo models have been very busy for this year.

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Misty Jhones