As an essential male spermatogenic organ, testicular inflammation will significantly impact male fertility. When the quality of spermatozoa decreases, when the male ejaculates into the female body after sex, the poor quality and reduced vitality of spermatozoa make it challenging to form a fertilized egg, which affects the male's fertility and family happiness.

What are the common causes of orchitis?

1. Other reproductive diseases: men suffer from other reproductive diseases, such as prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, and other conditions. If they do not receive treatment in time, they will easily aggravate the disease and cause orchitis.

2. Environmental factors: Men work in a humid and high-temperature environment for a long time, which leads to their genitals being too wet and difficult to breathe, easy to breed bacteria, and easy to cause testicular inflammation.

3. Failure to pay attention to personal hygiene: Orchitis may also be caused by men who do not pay attention to cleanliness and are not diligent in bathing and changing clothes, resulting in bacteria breeding, uncleanness, testicular invasion, and orchitis. Therefore, male friends should pay attention to their hygiene, change their underwear and wash their vulva frequently.

4. Stimulated: Men often smoke and drink, and eat spicy food, leading to long-term stimulation of the genitals, which is easy to cause orchitis. Men should avoid spicy and stimulating food and focus on a light diet. And they should quit smoking and drinking.

5. Wearing too-tight underpants: Men wearing too-tight underpants or often wearing too-tight jeans will make the vulva wrapped for a long time, causing high temperature, difficulty breathing, and prone to orchitis.

The examination items for orchitis are as follows:

1. Testicle self-inspection: first, take a hot bath to relax the scrotum to feel hard lumps and abnormalities. During the examination, stand on both feet and judge whether there are lumps or other abnormalities. Normal testes are oval, smooth, and medium hard.

2. Careful examination by the doctor: benign and malignant lesions can be roughly distinguished after bilateral scrotal masses. If the testicular tumor is suspected, a local puncture biopsy of the testicular tumor should not be performed because it can cause tumor metastasis. The diagnosis of a testicular tumor depends on the pathological report after the operation.

3. B ultrasonic examination: it can accurately determine the size and shape of the testis and whether there is a tumor. In particular, cryptorchidism patients can understand the development of testicles and whether they are swollen or malignant.

4. Chest X-ray examination: including fluoroscopy or chest radiograph to understand whether there is lung metastasis.

Orchitis is a complex disease that harms men and dramatically impacts people's health. If it is not treated effectively in time, it will also cause other complications and endanger men's physical and mental health. Therefore, once the symptoms of orchitis are found in life, it is necessary to do timely checks and treatment to eliminate the trouble of orchitis as soon as possible.

There are many ways to treat orchitis. In the early stage of the disease, it may cause pain in the testis and may also cause obvious local pain. Penicillin and gentamicin can be used. Generally, the treatment effect is evident in the early stage of the disease. When the symptoms of orchitis are obvious, patients can choose to use the method of injection of anti-inflammatory drugs or oral antibiotics for treatment.

For chronic orchitis, patients can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively eliminate patients' pain and other symptoms. Moreover, it is a pure traditional Chinese medicine formula that will not produce drug resistance or bring adverse effects to the body if taken for a long time.

How should patients maintain orchitis?

1. Good living habits

Eat more fresh vegetables, melons, and fruits, and increase vitamin C intake and other components to improve the body's anti-inflammatory capacity. Eat less pig hoof, fish soup, mutton, and other so-called hair products to avoid the increase of secretion at the inflammation site, further infiltration, the spread of orchitis, and the aggravation of symptoms. Pay attention not to eat spicy and stimulating food, not smoke and drink, not stand and sit for a long time, not have excessive sex, etc.

2. Prevention of reproductive infection

Orchitis is usually secondary to epididymitis. And epididymitis is often secondary to prostatitis, urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, and other reproductive infections. Therefore, one of the important ways to prevent orchitis is to avoid various reproductive diseases.

3. Pay attention to regular maintenance

Men should pay attention to the maintenance of testicles at ordinary times. Men can massage the testicles with both hands when taking a bath or before going to bed. Massage the testicles gently with the thumb for ten minutes clockwise and counterclockwise. It will be beneficial to keep them for a long time. If you feel abnormal pain during the massage, perhaps orchitis or epididymitis, please go to the hospital for an examination.

Warm reminder: The common causes of orchitis are complex. When men find orchitis symptoms, they should pay attention to timely inspection and treatment to avoid aggravating the disease. Testitis has a significant impact on male fertility and functionality, and it will cause harm to men if not treated in time.

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