We all make decisions at all stages of life, whether they are right or wrong. For making the right decisions, we may approach our elders, family and friends for opinions. Likewise, when it comes to organizations related to any field, they also need to make decisions in every process. Only then will the companies will run smoothly. For making or reaching a decision, the leader of the company should go through the following steps:

• Go through the various choices you have.
• Check the impact with various shareholders and board members.
• Collect information as much as possible and check its quality.
• Then check whether the decisions are right or wrong for the business.
• Consult the CEO after a final evaluation. Finally, the CEO will decide and make the right decision after checking all the company standards and principles.

A CEO advisor plays the role of a trusted partner to the CEO to help in making important decisions and to properly guide the CEOs when they face any problems or issues related to work in an organization.

An advisor group CEO is a person who manages a group of executives of the management who takes care of the leadership of the company. The advisor group CEO will support the CEO of an organization in making important decisions. Under the advisor group CEO, there will be a CEO advisory group who consistently provides support and feedback to the leadership executive of the company. The group contains a reputed advocate, a resource person and a supporter for the CEO.

CEO peer advisory groups will act as mentors or business coaches in a company to whom the executives will report on a daily basis. These advisory groups are mainly created for solving issues and problems faced by the management. They help them to achieve their goals by mentoring and providing them with a correct path. The mentors or the coaches will be senior leaders who help the management to work in a formal way by avoiding the politics. There is one more category called CEO peer groups. CEO peer groups is a community which consists of group of other CEOs who manage and run companies of the same sizes. They mainly work and discuss issues related to their business. These are paid groups and it changes according to the size of the company. It is best to join a peer group because it provides a greater learning platform to CEOs. It is a great way of networking where they provide motivation and guidance to the leaders for achieving the goal-oriented performance.

It’s the role of the CEO to study and learn the importance of their advisory board because they have a set of rules and regulations which has to be followed by a CEO for the development of the company. The above groups and communities help the CEOs in making those important decisions of the company. They discuss everything related to a company from its business development, leadership resources, functions, growth in the market, details of the stakeholders, etc. They all play a very important role in the growth of an organization.

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