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A Series of Articles on the Quantum Theory of Mind and Soul Evolution

The Einstein Visualization Formula

With yesterday’s science the pendulum of mankind's beliefs in any God, had swung to a dogmatic lack of any belief outside of particles.

Even a few years ago men and woman of science dared not publish any opinion not embraced as particle scientific dogma for fear of losing their positions. If you think this is far-fetched do a little research: for it is only a couple of decades since String Theorists found themselves ostracized by mainline science who considered string theory as too philosophical and not scientific enough, and so the students of this intriguing mathematical discipline found it impossible to get positions.

Today String Theory is 'in', things have changed again and everyone is scrambling to get on the String theory band wagon. Perhaps the pendulum of mankind's beliefs is at last swinging slightly less widely?

"The philosophy of science...” the online Wikipedia tells us, “... is concerned with the assumptions, foundations, methods and implications of science. It is also concerned with the use and merit of science and sometimes overlaps metaphysics..."
Will Durant writing in: ‘The Pleasures of Philosophy’: (1953) told us: "Education is the reason why we behave like human beings. We are hardly born human; we are born ridiculous and malodorous animals; we become human ... we have our humanity thrust upon us ..."

So Philosophical discussion humanizes science even as it makes us human?
I think that the story of how the young Albert Einstein’s 'visualizing in mind' formula helped him to come up with his extraordinarily brilliant conceptions of the universe in the early years of the last century illustrates this admirably.

Yet had Einstein simply published his 'fantasies' about the universe, of how he’d imagined himself flying at the speed of light to see in his mind’s eye what was happening all around him, he probably would have been ridiculed out of existence and not placed on the high pedestal he deserved.

But Albert was intelligent enough to get help in the early days of his scientific career –since he wasn't a scientist but a clerk in a patents office - in transposing his "fantasies" into mathematical terms and that made all the difference to the outcome.

Mathematics is persuasive to mathematicians and so String Theory, at first violently rejected, is now becoming the mainstay of Physics and by the same token Einstein’s theories were also accepted.

Of course to most of us 'ordinary' folk scientific math means as much as Egyptian hieroglyphics does; so in order to explain to the man and woman in the street what the mathematics actually does mean, science writers and producers drop back on visualizations. In one such they stretched a rubber sheet out that was marked in squares and dropped a large steel ball in the centre to represent the sun and rolled a smaller steel ball around it to represent the earth. Most of us have seen this on TV. It's as close as they could come to describing Einstein's incredible warping of space theory.

Others do the same and their own visualizations about space and time and how we all fit into a universe, being so different to conventional science, can only be only be classified as science fiction. The strange thing is that a lot of what science fiction writers wrote about a hundred years ago has now become science fact. Why? Is it because writers of sci-fi apply the 'Einstein’s Visualization Formula' to known science in order to arrive at new ideas of where that science might take us in the future? If so this is good, for they ‘humanize’ science by writing great stories around it.

My own theory arrived at using the 'Einstein Visualization Formula’, presented me with ‘Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution’. This theory, I would say, dwells, in scientific philosophy terms, somewhere around the scientific left of the low centre of the pendulum swing; but firmly on the scientific side of what we call metaphysics, gently nudging or even overlapping quantum mechanics and string theory. My theory being about mind and soul evolution is I believe the quantum mechanics and string theory half of Darwin's physical theory of evolution, so making his theory whole.

So do we all possess quantum minds and souls that evolve and survive death? That is the trillion dollar question. Many people believe so and the numbers are growing and perhaps the man or woman who truly answers that in scientific mathematical terms will be the next Einstein.

Yet it is those very people, the quantum physics theoretical mathematicians , who are investigating black holes, event horizons, quantum mechanics and string theory, who are writing the math, perhaps unknowing, of quantum mind and soul evolution.

There is something they are uncovering about energy that tells us that we are more than flesh and blood. Something deeply embedded in the way that every one of the countless numbers of particles that makes up the physical universe also has an invisible counterpart. This means that fully one half of the universe is invisible, which leads those nimble minds to speculate and visualize around it in mathematical terms.

If, scientifically, everything is not matter as we used to think of it, remembering what the famous physicist Max Planck said back in the 1940's that '...there is no matter as such...", what are we? Are we solid bodies existing in an accidental 'dead' universe as old science believed? Or are we quantum consciousness, body mind and soul, evolving as energies existing across at least a two-part universe?

The future will be certainly be exciting as delve into it with open minds and find to more and more.

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Tom Leigh has a master’s degree in metaphysics, degrees as master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic programming and herbalism. Retired from practice and lecturing, he is now a writer and teacher of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.
His teaching novel: ‘The Rhiannon Blade’ backed up by ‘The Cosmic Net Course’, though set in the present time, explores the quantum mind and soul evolution of a group of people evolving through a four-hundred year period. This begins with the rape of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell’s army and its effect on two young people, soul-mates, who found themselves on opposite sides of the created divide.
With the untimely deaths of the two young people from the prejudice and hate that surrounded their love, an informational time-lock is created within and around them.
This time-lock cycles and recycles their own and their groups, reincarnations. The quantum energies imprisoning them could be broken only by the young girl and with a secret ‘Excalibur Soul Discipline' created long ago by a now evolved druid witch called Rhiannon, who once taught it to the ‘once and future king ’Arthur. Read an excerpt from the book: then buy it at: