I’m sure I’ve talked before about how other people can feel our energy. It’s not always what we are saying or the volume or tone of our voice that people react to. It’s more often the energy with which the words are spoken.

Sometimes we needn’t say anything, just enter a room and people know whether we are happy, sad, angry or depressed. The energy that we carry around can affect not only us but other people as well. And while it is up to each individual to take care of their own anger, sadness, guilt and fear, it’s so much better when we project more positive energy out to the world. In fact, more positive energy sent out into the world would help the world heal a lot of what’s ailing it right now.

So, keeping in mind that we all put out certain energies, whether it is positive or negative, let’s look at food and how the preparation of food can be affected by our energy.

The energy that we are carrying, or feeling when we are preparing a meal for anyone, including ourselves, will be picked up by the food and passed on to those who consume it. Just as when we project angry energy it is not a loving thing to do and can be hurtful, so too can preparing a meal with resentment, anger or fear.

Have you ever eaten a meal and although it was a pretty plain and basic one, felt it was the best meal you’d ever eaten? Why do you suppose that is? Take a look at the person that prepared the meal. What is their energy like? Are they loving and passionate about cooking? Did they enjoy preparing the meal?

Putting loving energy into the meals and food we create can be healing for those who consume it. It is no different that putting loving intentions out to the world on a daily basis. This includes the food that you prepare for yourself and others.

Next time you prepare food, say a prayer, put loving intentions into it, ask for it to be healing for the person consuming it and make it an offering of love. You and others will notice the difference. The food just tastes better, just like life is better when you are feeling loved. Try it some time and you'll see.

Author's Bio: 

Bettina Goodwin is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, speaker and facilitator who has experience working with children, teens and adults in a wide variety of personal, family and relationship issues. Her background and training of four years of personal growth work, training and certification followed by case studies give her the tools necessary to delve into the core issues that are causing concern for her clients.

Bettina facilitates private one-on-one sessions in person, via phone, Skype or email. If you are interested in our upcoming weekly Group Meetings, workshops, meditation classes or private one-on-one sessions please visit our website at www.thesoulconnection.ca

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