Do you realize that freedom is a four-dimensional phenomenon? Physical, intellectual, spiritual and Ultimate freedoms are the interwoven parts of the rainbow of reality. You are here in this world to explore all the colors of the rainbow of reality. Move into a deep in-search of freedom right now. The first freedom is physical freedom. The second dimension is intellectual freedom. The third dimension is spiritual freedom. Now it is time to discover the forth dimension.

Enlightenment is the Fourth Dimension

And final freedom happens when a man realizes that he is the interwoven part of existence, that he was born enlightened, that enlightenment is an intrinsic quality of his nature. An enlightened man bathes in this energy and then he becomes free like existence is free. A wave comes home by disappearing in the ocean. Every river reaches to the ocean to become a part of it, to dissolve in it. There is neither a knower or anything to be known.

Duality does not remains. No objects to explore and no subjects… No peaks and no valleys…There is nothing more to explore, nothing to achieve, nothing to attain, nothing more to find. The ocean of emptiness... The ocean of all-ness... The ocean of the ultimate reality... And in this wholeness the individuality of “I am” disappears. This is nirvana. This is moksha. And this is freedom FOR... This is total liberation from individuality for the cosmic consciousness.

It can be experienced but how to explain it? How to bring it down to language? How to explain the unknowable that has never been known? This sacred experience makes a man speechless. It is inexpressible and unreasonable like love itself, like life itself. It can be only caught when you are in it.

Total Surrender and Let Go

A man becomes full because he is in tune with existence, he dances with the universe, he breathes with life. He claims the universe as his home. He is filled with all the trees, all the flowers, all the birds, all the suns, all the moons, all the stars.

Total surrender blossoms with flowers of enlightenment. Total letting go brings final relaxation in nothingness. Total acceptance of both outer and inner… No separation between outer and inner… No centre and periphery… Just the wholeness, just the dance of existence. The dancer disappears in this dance, only dancing itself remains.

And everything in his life changes. Every simple thing brings a new aroma. Life vibrates every second. There are no more questions and no more answers. All simply is. And this understanding brings absolutely new quality of life forever. He realizes that only one time exists, only one moment exists: it is now and here. And this clarity brings so much blissfulness that it cannot be held inside. It should be shared. The scientist, the poet and the mystic meet to create the organic whole, to create the whole person. And the multi-dimensional colors create the whole spectrum of the rainbow of reality.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist ™ System, the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, the Senior Scientist of the R&D department, entrepreneur. His fields of interests for over 20 years have been the study of bio-energy, information theories, time-space phenomenon, psychic power and holistic life style.