Front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping brings a natural, fresh appeal to your house. Normal people might think that landscaping ideas are easy to design. But landscaping is a meticulous job. Landscape designers possess gardening knowledge and special skill related to landscaping. They follow certain principles of landscaping. 

Professional landscapers abide by those fundamental rules of landscaping.

 If you have the interest to know about their way of working and how they follow these fundamentals, then you should check it now:


In landscape designing opting for the rightcolours is an essential factor. The colour theme trend of a landscape is generally monochromatic. Colours like red, yellow and also, a combination colour in landscape designing is observed. In Perth,sometimes, landscape designers swear by a combination of colours. Let’ssay, a great combination of green and red, or a yellow and orange, the green combination works well. There are two patterns of colours like warm pattern and soft pattern. The pattern selection depends mostly on the choice of the client and what kind of vibe they want. Dark colours are more preferred in landscape designing. Children prefer dark-themed landscaping.


Another standout feature of the gardening landscape principle depends on the pattern of the house.Also depends on the eye moment flow of viewers. Lining in landscaping is creates attraction in both horizontally and vertically design. The height measurement of the trees and shrubs comes underlining. According to garden landscaping designers in Perth, a straight line pattern of the garden can destroy the look entirely. It looks structural, boring. Curved lininghorizontally brings out a sense of beautification and grace both in front yard landscaping and back yard landscaping.

Focus point:

Landscape designers believe every garden design observation has a focal point. Professional designers and artists create afocal point to make the design‘standout’. In straight-lining landscaping, the observer might not find the focus point. But in a curved line, the focus point in landscape design looks extraordinary. The chance of direct, strong focalisationin a symmetrical pattern is more than an asymmetrical pattern. 

Avoid repetition:

A sense of unity is part of the fundamentals of landscaping designs. But that doesn’t mean it has to be in repetition. Garden landing designers in Perth refrain from creating repetition.Repetitionin plantation can make them look dull and cluttered. Repeating the same elements can make the landscape look monotonous.

A sense of transition:

This point is the exact opposite concept of repetition. Transition simply makes a gradual change. Transition in design can be in various aspects. Like colourtransition, texture transition of the material (smooth, coarse, medium-textured material). The transition can be also incurred in the size and shape of the design.

Harmony yet Contrast:

Do you know in landscape designing contrast can create harmony? Without using too many plants and materials, it is better to create a minimalistic look. Using items which can compliments things side by side is better than creating landscaping with same things. 

Summing up:

Though these are simple principles of creating landscaping design, there are no rigid rules that you have to follow a pattern in landscaping. You can unleash your creativity while installing a landscape. Best way to install landscaping accordingly is to creating an intermingling between principles and creativity.

Author's Bio: 

The author has competency in writing about landscaping designing. The author, being a garden landscaping artist in Perth wants to share the principle of landscaping to the readers.