We all learn we need to write down our goals as part of the goal setting process, but most miss a couple important elements. Goal setting is a process sort of like making cake or cookies from scratch. You miss any ingredients and you not have cake or cookies. Let’s find out about some missing ingredients.

Missing Ingredients

The first missing ingredient people leave out of the goal setting process is the activities necessary to accomplish the goals. We all set down and make a grand list of things we want to do or own. However, this is where the process starts for people. They wrongly believe they can review list of goals and suddenly they will be inspired. This is not true.

The goal setting process is meant to give us the inspiration to start taking action. We need to make a list of ALL the actions we can take to make the goal a reality.

Create a Log of Actions

The second missing ingredient would be the activities you need to do on a daily basis. With any goal there are certain items which need to be done on a daily basis. I use Microsoft Excel to make a list of activities. I break the Excel spreadsheet into days of the week Monday through Sunday. In column you want to list all the actions you need to take. In anther column set a goal for amount you do each week. For example you can set a workout time goal of 60 minutes a day. When you complete this action then you would write the amount of time you worked out.

You can use this sheet for any goal and list the activities you need to do on a daily or weekly basis. Tracking is the key to success.

Tracking Your Progress

Here is the third missing ingredient: Not tracking your progress. With the log sheet I discussed earlier you can see if you are doing anything or not. If you notice a certain activity you set to do daily, but realize come the end of the week you only did one day then you need to reassess that activity. Maybe the activity is not needed to be done daily. You need to make this decision yourself.

Using a log to track your progress can make your goal a reality vs. a dream of someday. I have found the log sheet very beneficial to reviewing my activity for the week. If I did not accomplish anything of importance during the week I can check my log sheet to see what was missing or lacking.

By following these two missing ingredients you can start making your goals a reality. Goal setting is important, but do not forget these two missing ingredients or your goals may not become a reality.

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