Being aware and being able to Understand and control your own aura (energy field) is a significant step towards self-growth and an awareness of the energies around you.

So what is the aura? Well, the aura is a "force field" of energy surrounding each one of us that helps to keep mind, body and spirit together. It mirrors our state of mind and emotions, and health. Also it aids in our defence against all ominous powers. The aura not only mirrors our emotional states, it also, at another level of being, conveys the whole of a person's collected experience of Karma. What I'm saying is that our aura mirrors all that we are now and have ever been.

Have you ever had the experience of feeling really uneasy when there are a lot of people about? Do you ever have the feeling that your energy is being drained out of you? Do you ever get exhausted after talking to certain people? This is a response generated by your aura to protect you because it could be that someone else's aura is interfering with yours.

Everyone can sense this energy field, in one way or another, but will do so in different ways. Some people can see this energy field. Others can feel, sense, or even hear the tone of the aura. You can sense this auric force in any enclosed space where there are a lot of people, and where variable energies, positive and negative are being inter-charged.

The aura itself is an invisible band of radiating energy, a life force that can be sensed around every living creature, people, animals, insects, plants and atoms. This auric field of consciousness which encompasses, and permeates every cell of the physical body acts as a shield not only to keep us united on all levels, but also to shelter us from other forces in the cosmos - forces that may not be in synchronisation with our own.

The human aura has seven layers each successive body is composed of finer substance, and higher vibrations than the body that it surrounds, so the most accessible to human awareness are the first three layers encircling the human body.

The Physical Aura (Etheric)
Nearest to the body is the physical aura. It has to do with the body's physical growth, its strengths and weaknesses, also physical feelings, satisfying t and disagreeable. This energy is very strong in people who are in touch with themselves and enjoy the pleasures of life.

The Emotional Aura
The second layer which extends beyond the etheric aura is the emotional aura. This energy mirrors a person's emotional moods. All the emotional patterns that make up a person's personality are contained in it. Like how a person feels about themselves, and others.

The Mental Aura
The third energy layer extends beyond the emotional aura; it is made up of energies to do with our mental life, and with our thoughts and creativity. Both the conscious and unconscious minds are operating in this mental field so desires, fantasies, fears, and hopes occur in this energy field.

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Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. He also has a degree in metaphysics.

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