When opening a new retail business for the first time, many retailers take for granted the importance of gondola shelving. Yes, we have all been to thousands of retail locations in our lifetime. Many of us overlook the strategic location and look of the gondola fixtures. With the different steel and back panels available from Handy Store Fixtures, customers can create a store atmosphere that will blow the larger chain competition away. Please take a moment to read actual customer reviews on handybusinessguide website and how Handy Store Fixtures helps retailers with choosing the right color scheme for their business.

Small retail business owners today, more than ever with the presences of large chain stores, as well as, online marketplaces, have to create a store where customers love and feel comfortable coming to on a consistent basis. The best one to create a different store environment is by going away from the same standard white retail shelving used in many stores today.

When working with liquor stores, the sales representatives at Handy Store Fixtures strongly encourage customers to use a custom, scratch and dust resistant color such as Texture Black, Copper Vein, Silver Vein, and Resida Green. The upscale colors these provide give customers a lasting impression of the store that will make them twice as likely to become a repeat customer. Liquor stores for the most part do not peg any product; therefore we help them save money by using solid board in their gondola shelving units as to the normal pegboard backing you would normally see in a convenience store.

Pharmacies are another industry where retail displays play a major factor in the overall success of the retail business. When a customer walks into a pharmacy it must be clean and should have a bit of an upscale look to it. Handy Store Fixtures recommends using bright white colored store shelving with a wood tone pegboard color. This creates a beautiful merchandise display and gives the pharmacist, who has just opened up their very first location instant credibility.

Handy Store Fixtures Marketing Manager Steven Di Orio on the importance of adding color, “every time a customer made the decision to use a custom color for the store fixtures they have all loved the result on how the store turned out.” Retailers are always delighted to receive customer comments on how great their retail fixtures look.

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When opening a new retail business for the first time, many retailers take for granted the importance of Gondola Shelving, Store Shelving, Retail Displays