In the advance and technological world, where everyone is busy in their life and no one care about the rights of others, even they can’t tolerate the presence of others in their work. The jealousy factor increases day by day and everyone wants to lead the others. This abhorrence then takings the shape of ferocity and violence, thus, people whether for their rights or for caring others conquered are aggressive with each other.

But, Islam that is very peaceful and non-violent religion and gives the chance to the person who committed the sins and evils through forgiveness from Allah and Allah is Great and Merciful Who forgives the person. Allah gives an opportunity to remove your previous evils through Hajj and we fulfill the requirements of Hajj and then must perform Hajj with Family Hajj Packages Tour 2018 London.
Let us see the Qualities of Allah,

• Al-Ghafur
• Al-Rahman
• Al-Haleem
• Al-Afuw

Allah Says in the Holy Quran e Pak,

“The reward of the wicked is sinful thereof, but whosoever pardons and makes compensations, his reward is upon Allah.” (Quran 42:40)

If Allah forgives us without any hesitations and purposes then why we cannot forgive the people who did wrong with us. As you know that, forgiveness is the quality of Allah and we must follow Him. Allah gives the reward who forgives the person for the sake of Allah. The Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

“Let not those between you who are endued with elegance and largeness of means tenacity by promise against helping their kinsmen those in need, and those who have left their homes in Allah’s cause, let them pardon and supervise, do you not wish that Allah should pardon you? For Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Kindhearted.” (Quran 24:22)

Is the forgiveness better than otiose contributions? Yes, vain charity is not better than clemency. In the sight of Allah, the person who forgives the other persons for the sake of Allah is worthier. Allah Says in the Quran e Pak,
“A generous and polite word and forgiveness are (much) better than the charity that is followed by (such an expressive) misuse. Allah is free of all needs, and the most Forbearing.” (Quran 2:263)

This Ayah shows the importance of forgiveness and we must forgive the others to get the blessings of Allah. He is Most Beneficial and Merciful.

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