Many people aspire to become an author. For the past years, there has been an increasing number of authors across the world, especially since the inception of self-publishing. Literary fiction, particularly, has seen an unprecedented growth in terms of popularity over the past decade. Because of this, the competition on which books get to be sold and read is becoming stiffer than before as well. In order for your fiction book to sell, it needs to stand out among the rest. One of the best ways to do this is to write a book that you are quite passionate about. Incorporate your interest into your fiction book. Treat yourself as an author who writes for passion and not just for the cash. When you pour your heart into what you are writing, you have a better chance of creating a captivating story.

Keith N. Corman is a great example of an author who knows how to capture the interest of the reading public by pouring passion into his works. His most recent book Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad, for example, is a fascinating children’s story that incorporates what he is most interested in – trains and railroads. At an early age, Keith N. Corman already developed a great love for trains. Recently, however, the world seems to have forgotten about the importance of these things already. So, Keith N. Corman, through his book, feels that it is a must to introduce and demonstrate to people what the role of railroads is and why they are important. As a result, Keith N. Corman was able to come up with a book that is not just fun and fascinating, but also informative and valuable.

To further convince you why you need to be interested in what you are writing, below are some of the importance of incorporating your interest into writing a fiction book.

You spend less time on researching
Yes, writing fiction book also needs some researching. Especially when you are not familiar with the theme or topic that you are writing, research is a must. There are particularly two things that you should research on when writing a book: the preferences or expectations of your target audience and the accuracy of the facts or narrative that you will be using in your story. Basically, researching can be taxing and time-consuming. With that being said, if you want to spend less time on researching and more time on weaving the content of your book, then you should consider writing about your interests. Choose a topic or theme that you have enough knowledge on and are quite interested in. The more knowledgeable you are on your chosen topic or theme, the less time you will be spending on doing research.

Your book becomes more credible

When you are interested and knowledgeable on the content that you are writing, your book has the tendency to seem more credible as well. Essentially, the first rule to writing a convincing fiction book is that you should have an idea on what you are writing. The concept, characters, and narrative of your book should be consistent and reasonable. Even though you are writing fiction, it is still important for you to write according to logic, especially when your fiction book is inspired by true events. To do this more easily, write about your interests. Make your book seem credible by filling it with accuracy and passion.

You become more passionate about writing
This is the most important reason why you should incorporate your interest into your fiction book – when you are always writing about your interests, you tend to become more passionate about writing in general. Passion is one of the must-haves of every author. When you are constantly being forced to write about things you do not even have an idea on, there is a tendency for you to eventually treat writing as a mere job. If you keep on doing this, then, soon enough, you will find yourself losing interest in being an author. So, to avoid this, give yourself some creative freedom by choosing to write about the things that you are interested in.

Ultimately, nothing great has ever been done without passion. To succeed in an industry where competition is stiff, you need to weaponize your passion and interests. There plenty of reasons why you should incorporate your interest into writing your fiction book. For one, doing so makes your work more credible and valuable, and it turns you into a more passionate author. So, if you want to create a fascinating and captivating book like Keith N. Corman, then do not just simply write something interesting. Be interested in what you are writing!

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