After doing many thousands of soul healing sessions, I have become more and more aware how much influence a past life can have on our current life. In many cases it was much greater than I thought.

Through all those healings I found that more than 90% of my clients had at least one major karmic past life to resolve with a close family member. Resolving that karma can be one of the main reasons for reincarnating again.

In fact, people often reincarnate for that reason, to experience certain family members and sometimes also to be in a specific environment again.

People can carry major woundings from a past life into this life. This can manifest in many different ways, such as at the mental, emotional and physical levels. In this life it can create issues such as physical disfigurations, sleep disturbance, mental issues, emotional imbalances and illness.

For example, birthmarks. I was once asked by someone about a birthmark on her chest.
Clairvoyantly I was shown that in a past life she was shot, and a bullet entered and shattered that part of the body. That bullet left her body through her back. After sharing that vision with her, she told me that she also had an identical birthmark on her back opposite to the one at the front.

I myself have a similar issue as I was born with one thumb being shorter than the other. Another gifted clairvoyant showed me a past life with the thumbscrews put on me. This torture instrument slowly crushes the victims’ thumbs.

It was quite some time later that I became aware of the link between this torture from a past life and having one thumb shorter than the other.

These unresolved karmic lessons can sometimes also have an effect the brain and cognition. I had this confirmed through one of my young autism clients. This young boy was not speaking and officially diagnosed with autism. At age three I received guidance that in his case the cause for him not speaking was karmic, but I couldnot help him at the time as he was too young to be released from the karma.

By age five, permission was given, through guidance, for his karma to be released. And within two weeks, to the amazement of all, he began speaking almost non-stop. This was another more profound experience how unresolved karma from a past life can influence a person from birth.

Unresolved karma can sometimes have an effect on performance. If I had not releaseda major karmic issue from a past life, I would not have been able to be as effective as a soul healer, as the fears from this past life had become too much and were partially blocking my connection with spirit and my healing gift.

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is clearing the karma you still carry which is also part of the reason why you reincarnated.

Sometimes clearing karma may need the help of a practitioner.It can sometimes be difficult or too painful to clear it yourself as the core wounding can for some be too great.

Author's Bio: 

Mia den Haan is a soul and spiritual healer and is the author of two books "No Autism Any Longer", the story of two boys she healed of autism and "New Concepts for Business and Humanity" which contains prophecies given in 2004 about coming changes such as the current weather.
Her own miraculous healings led her to make a full-time commitment to her healing abilities and gifts around 2000. Prior to that she owned and managed a successful IT business. She has since done more than 7000 personal sessions in more than 40 countries.
In addition to her personal sessions she also runs master classes, group healings and courses and is a regular speaker on various summits.