There’s always some reasons why women leave men. When your girl has walked out on you, it can be really tough to figure out exactly why. She might not even give you the real reason behind her decision to leave you and that will only make it even harder. You must put some serious efforts into it if you really want to know the real cause. Here are the main reasons why women leave men:

1. A Change In The Relationship

A lot of times, women leave because there’s been some kind of change between you, and it isn’t always easy to pin this exact change down. Yet the majority of us have been there before: The relationship has missed its spark, it isn't fun anymore, the feeling is dead. It’s just like you’re friends now, and all that excitement is gone.

But both of you wrong if you think that. In fact, that spark is there somewhere; it is just buried under a bunch of junk. You guys have become bored and apathetic. Relationships take work, and you’ve got to get that spark going again.

Some guys overlook the point completely and say, “But we are still having sex!” That might be a whole lot worse, and I will tell you exactly why. It’s because, if she feels like the love and pleasure have died but you guys are still getting it on, she will feel like you’re merely using her for sex.

2. You’re Not There When She Needs You

Women demand support. PLENTY of us. Men are usually more independent, but all of us need some support from time to time. Women need it a lot more than men. Support does not merely mean affection; it also means respect. You may not realize it, but you may be belittling her and not respecting her views. Women need to feel this respect, which means you have to show it.

This occasionally happens since both of you simply too occupied for quality time together. When she wants to talk and you happen to be busy, she may think you’re brushing her off. What you have to do here is spend more time with each other, and let her know that you respect her as an individual.

Women need affection, respect, compliment, support and a shoulder to cry on. They need you to listen to them and to apologize when you do something stupid. Sound like a lot? It is! But remember, she’s your lover, partner, friend, support system and co-conspirator; she has to be all of that.

3. Major Life Changes

Sometimes women leave because their life has changed and the guy’s life hasn’t. She’s moved on to some new zone in her life, and you’re still within the last one. It may be because you were not paying attention when the change came, or because you don’t want to follow her into this new phase of her life.

One huge difference between men and women is that women look at everything in the long view, and guys generally don’t. When I say “long view,” I’m not talking about next week or even next month. I’m talking about many, many years down the road. If she’s thinking about the future and you aren't, this can cause several problems. If she’s looking at the future and you aren't in it, this is really serious.

You’ve got to show her that you’re keeping up with her changes and planning your future together too. These life changes are like bumps in the road; they don’t have to completely throw you into the ditch. You can weather the storm if you keep communicating with one another and keep supporting each other.

If you know why women leave men, it can help you keep your relationship in check. Remember those factors and keep sharing and communicating; that way, you'll be able to overcome any hurdle that come to you.

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