Hair loss is a common problem affecting many men and women worldwide. It can be hair loss in a particular area of the scalp or the entire scalp. The longer you leave hair loss untreated, the more the condition progresses. Weak hair, thin hair, and patches of no hair are all indicators that you should seek a dermatologist for hair loss solutions. Hair loss has varying causes addressed differently when correcting the condition. Major causes include:

1. Changes in hormones

Changes in reproductive hormones are a cause of hair loss for both genders. Hormonal changes are a common cause of hair loss in women. This is because women go through several stages that affect the levels of their hormones. These stages include pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. In all these stages, the levels of reproductive hormones progesterone and estrogen are negatively affected. Similarly, old age in men causes a decrease in testosterone levels. 

Changes in testosterone hormone cause hair loss and other symptoms with time. Fixing this type of hair loss will depend on the cause of the hormonal change. If pregnancy is causing your hair loss, it is likely to resolve on its own after delivery. Therefore, there is no need to seek treatment. Older men and women whose hair loss is caused by menopause can receive hormone replacement therapy for hair growth.

2. Hairstyling and treatment

Hairstyles, such as cornrows and braids, cause excessive pulling of hair, hence hair loss. They put a lot of pressure on the hair strands, making them weak. Hair treatment methods that put a lot of pressure on your hair, like hot-oil hair treatment, can also cause the weakening of your hair. Frail hair falls out or breaks, causing hair loss over time. 

To fix hair loss due to hairstyles and treatment, avoid them. Embrace your natural hair every once in a while after removing cornrows or braids. You can also use a laser cap if the hair loss caused was severe. This cap is effective in improving hair strength and hair growth.

3. Drugs and diseases

Some medications and diseases can cause hair loss. Drugs used in treating depression, cancer, gout, arthritis, and hypertension can cause hair thinning. Hair loss is usually an unwanted effect of the use of the drugs. An example is the side effect of hair loss from the use of chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment. Some diseases can also affect the ability of the hair follicles to generate new hair. 

Trichotillomania is a disorder that makes you pull out your hair, causing hair loss with time. Ringworm infections of the scalp can also cause excessive drying and itching of the scalp, causing hair loss. For hair loss due to diseases, treating the disease, alongside hair loss treatment options like laser treatment, is more effective in correcting the hair loss.

4. Family history of hair loss

Hair loss runs in the family. This is because the gene for hair loss passes from one generation to another. You are more at risk of hair loss if one of your family members also had the problem. However, you will start to experience signs of hair loss as you age. 

You can fix hair loss using medications like minoxidil that have shown effectiveness in promoting hair growth. Finasteride is also another drug used for correcting hair loss. However, due to the side effects of the drug, minoxidil is more preferred.

5. Poor nutrition

Have you noticed signs of hair loss? How healthy is your diet? Are you incorporating all the essential nutrients? Nutrition is a significant determinant of healthy hair. The healthier your diet, the healthier your hair. Poor nutrition is bound to cause hair loss because your hair is not getting all the essential nutrients for growth. 

One way you can fix hair loss due to poor nutrition is by eating healthily. Incorporate a lot of proteins in your diet to contribute to the formation of new healthy hair. Nutrients like folic acid and biotin are also essential for healthy hair growth.

If you are experiencing hair loss symptoms, visit your dermatologist to identify the cause of your hair loss. Identifying the cause will help in isolating the proper solution for your hair loss.

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