With growing age people become infirm and lose their agility and firmness. They also start suffering from several illnesses which becomes chronic in nature. All this leads to a loss of self confidence, not to mention the vitality and strength of youth. In such conditions, even the daily routines of a normal life become a burden and often they try to avoid these routines as far as possible. One such routine happens to be taking a bath or a shower, which seems such a mundane thing to someone who is still to step into old age. The thought of taking a bath instantly brings to mind the number of mishaps that can happen in the bathroom if one is without any care giver. The slippery floors of a bathroom become a menace, and the thoughts of slipping, falling and suffering an injury becomes the foremost apprehensions when an aged person thinks of taking a bath.

With so many innovations that have improved our life in general and home life in particular, it is of no great surprise that a solution to these have also been found. There are bathtubs available in the market or on the net that provides a solution to the predicaments of the old, aged and the physically infirm. The great challenge if climbing over the edge of a tub, balancing and sitting down to take a bath is no longer the only option. There is the option of installing safety step walk in bathtubs, which have safety features installed in the tub, as well as an easy operational design which is a blessing for any kind of household having any kind of bathroom.

The tubs are just the right size to fit into any kind of bathroom, and also blend with any existing décor that a bathroom already has. The design is such that it is easy to install and it does not take up much pace crowding the bathroom, especially if the bathroom is a small one.

The name safety step walk in bathtub itself is self explanatory as it has the word safety step in the name itself. It is the kind of tub that has doors fitted at the sides of the tub which one can open both ways. Anyone can simply walk into a dry bathroom, open the doors and step into the tub for taking a bath.

There is no need to balance or lower down to lie back, as there is a comfortable seat attached in the tub which has an anti bacterial cover. One can just step in and sit down for a relaxing bath without taking the help of a second person. The seat is also made of non slippery material and so is the flooring of the tub. There are grab bars at the side of the tub so that one can conveniently hold these and get up or sit down without losing any balance. The doors are water tight sealed in design, so that no water seeps out while one is taking a bath. Therefore there is no chance of stepping onto a wet floor, as the bathroom floor remains dry even if one is enjoying a bath.

There are faucets which are easy to control and therefore the temperature of the water can be brought to a satisfactory level at a much faster pace than in a conventional bath tub. The water can also be drained out quicker than conventional tubs as the tubs are designed in a way that drains the water out faster. The maintenance of the safety step walk in bathtub is also easy and there is no extra help required to clean it. The bathtubs are so convenient and simple that not only the aged, but any member of the family can use, and enjoy the luxury of a hassle free bath. There is no risk, no worries, no danger, and minimum cost for these kinds of bathtubs, which are ideal for any home.

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The author of this article, Jeo Nash is in the business of bathroom remodeling and has witnessed the growing demand for safety step walk in bathtub, and advocated it to most of his clients for its security features.