Once upon of time, an eagle egg came between the eggs of the hen. After a few days, the chickens from those eggs came out, and the eyes of the wand were also one of them. They started growing up between them. He does what he likes, plays around here in the soil, grows grain and loses all day long. Just like the rest of the chicks, they also just fly up a little bit, and the wings can flutter down. Then one day he saw an eagle flying in the open sky, and the eagle was flying fiercely. Then he asked other chicks, "Who is that great bird flying so high?"

Then the chicks said - "Hey hey, King of the birds, he is very powerful and huge, but you cannot fly like him because you are a chick!"

The eyes of the eagle accepted it as truth and never tried to be that way. He lived like chicks throughout his life, and one day died without having to recognize his true strength.

Friends, many of us live a second-class life without knowing our true potential, just like that eagle; the mediocrity around us makes us even mediocre. We forget that we can go through Full are a creature. Nothing is impossible for us in this world, but still, we lose such a big chance of living an average life.

Do not make you like chicks; rely on yourself, on your own ability. Wherever you are, in the environment, identify your abilities and fly over the heights of the sky because this is your reality.

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