The Role Cycle

It's official: Married women over 40 have the best sex. 81% are more adventurous than when they were in their twenties, and 63% are more confident in bed.

It's easy to see why, if you've been following my blog on the simple nature of woman.
Some of you might have worked it out already if you've watched enough Mentalist or Lie to me Episodes.

The age cycle physically and psychologically prepares woman for propagation of the species.
The Fertility cycle physically and emotionally prepares them for their role of reproducers.
The Role cycle prepares her for survival in the culture and society in which she is raised.
Now this cycle is not complicated, but it does have more to it than meets the eye; and although we live in a culture with beliefs, values, rules, etc, not many men understand the implications of this when dealing with women.

The role cycle consists of 4 interconnected strands:
The Kid - Are little boys and girls different in the eyes of society
The Vamp - Can it seduce?
The Wife - One ring and in the darkness bind them
The Matriarch - Wise woman behind the scenes

The Kid
Pink for girls, Blue for boys | Cars for Boys, Ponies for girls | Soldiers for Boys, Dolls are for Girls | Maths for Boys, Art for Girls | Carpentry for boys, Sewing for Girls | Swords are for Boys, Lawyers are for Girls ...? you get the idea anyway. Kids are labelled, packaged and rolled into bundles from the day they are born. The women get the expensive lace and chintz and are kept away from the duck pond. They get the hair products and the refinement course. They are trained to disseminate, digress, discriminate, discombobulate and lie. This is to keep them immune to men, yet totally fascinating. They are best ignored by all men at this stage.

The Vamp
Smooth skin, flowing hair, long legs, firm breasts, scant apparel, depilation, and ambiguity are the weapons of choice here. The innocence of youth is honed into a deadly weapon, and the fruits of temptation used to lure the male within striking distance. That's not a sigh you hear it's a hiss. Red lips, Rosy flush; not passion, rather danger. Licensed to lure, legal to look only. A dangerous phase propagated, by tabloids, magazines, mothers who don't know better and the helpless way men respond. From vamp to tramp is a small step and girls are trained to repress lust and passion because of its dangers. It must be used to draw men into the net where elaborate social rituals and laws are used to trap them, hopefully permanently.

The Wife
Now that it's legal we can relax a bit. It's OK to be a little plump and a little hairy and a little incontinent after child birth. I'm not ignoring you, it's just that the baby needs me more. Please grow up, we have responsibilities, I am not a sex object and I definitely won't do that,... for love or money, ...well, maybe money. It's a full time job, cooking, cleaning and picking up socks, and you owe me big. I'll work then, which makes me somehow superior to you. I'm a wife and mother now and somehow I've lost me, repressed and role driven, somehow I feel vaguely lost, if I had the time or energy to be lost. I won't let myself enjoy myself because I've been groomed and trained from small to be in control. I'm a bit scared. Later I may be me, but it'll take time to draw me out,.. of the groove.

The Crone
I'm older and wiser now. My moon is waning and the children are gone. I've learned a lot. I've lost the need to be a role thingy now and can be my best cantankerous self. I try to tell my daughters, but they are just too uptight.....

So what's that got to do with the opening headliner? Maybe the Role Cycle gets overdone. Bad girls aren't good girls and shouldn't feel good about themselves. It takes a while to escape this suppression and repression; well into the forties, at least.....

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George is a trainer, writer and peruser.
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