This is the fourteenth (and second from last) article in a series of articles revealing the Myths that Keep Your Broke. In these articles, I will uncover the many myths that too many people believe. These myths can prevent you from creating wealth and complete financial choice™.

Let’s start destroying them.

Myth #27: Only You Can Do It Right

Many of us, and me included, often feel that if we want something done right we have to do it our self.

I see my wife struggling trying to create a resource list for her networking group for the first time using Microsoft Word that looks like an Excel spreadsheet. Things did not line up, extra unwanted spaces were created, people’s names flowed onto an extra page, and more.

But, she felt she had to do it herself. I suggested there are people in her office that already know the program. Just give it to them to complete the form. Her reply, “No, I know what I want and I have to do it.”

A word of advice, never coach your spouse. It just does not work if you want to maintain harmony in the home.
One of my favorite quotes is from J. Paul Getty. I have said it before, and it is worth being reminded of. He said he would rather have 1% of the efforts of others than 100% of his own efforts.

Not only is this contrary to the idea of doing it yourself, but the idea of doing it yourself suggests that you are the expert in all areas, from marketing, technology, to sales and support.

It was suggested that I update my website, and I came to the realization that was good advice. And this time rather than determining the home page, writing the text, and learning what would produce the best conversion, I took my own advice and allowed a team to support me.

The result: The new web pages and the text are even better than what I would have designed or written on my own.

Where should you give up doing something yourself and give it to someone who can do it better, faster and maybe cheaper?

Myth #28: You Have Plenty of Time Revisited

Most young people think they have plenty of time before they have to think about setting aside money for retirement.

I don’t like to talk about retirement and in another email, I will talk about the difference between retirement and Complete Financial Choice™. For now, just understand there is a difference.

While a young person might think they have plenty of time, if they want to take advantage of the power of compound earnings, more time produces greater returns.

Someone who starts at age 25 only needs to invest $300 per month at 12% to create a $1.2 million portfolio by age 65. Someone who starts at age 45 has to invest about $2000 per month to produce a similar result.

You may have plenty of time, but would you rather invest $300 per month or $2000 per month?

I started over from broke at age 50, so I had to take risks and massive action. If you are young, or want to counsel someone who is young, then let them know just because they think they have plenty of time, they shouldn’t waste it. Instead, they should have it work to their advantage.

Who do you know with whom you should discuss this?

To Your Prosperity,


Author's Bio: 

Often in the media and in a recent TEDx Talk, Rennie Gabriel supports individuals and business owners to create work as a choice, instead of a requirement, just as he did for himself. Rennie had gone broke twice (two divorces), but using the same concepts published in his book, Rennie created more wealth in each recovery than what he had prior.

As a highly rated instructor at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Rennie uses his award-winning, best-selling book, Wealth On Any Income, to teach effective money skills from both the emotional/psychological aspects as well as the practical components. His book has been translated into five languages. Rennie is a retired Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) and often adds BFD to his credentials.

His extensive knowledge of real estate and finance is useful not only to those who own or invest in real estate but to anyone striving for a better life by trying to achieve financial freedom.

His clients range from financial professionals, like CPAs, stock brokers, and financial planning firms, to entrepreneurs in the transformational space (coaches, authors, and speakers). He also works with large organizations like the FBI, American National Insurance and Toyota Motors.

After 40 successful years in financial services, Rennie now works to donate 100% of the profits from his speaking fees, wealth programs, books and business coaching to charities, the primary one is where dogs are rescued, trained and donated as service animals for soldiers with PTSD and TBI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries)