Mourning a close relative? We know you are sad at your sudden loss and need some time to get over the depression. But since your relative expired in a rented property, you have some urgent responsibilities waiting for you on her/his behalf. Today, when almost every second person occupies a rented home or office, it isn’t shocking that even your close relative was living in such a property. But after the death of this person, you have to think about what can be done of this property that’s now your responsibility.

Immediate steps to take after your relative occupying a rented property expires!

Death never knocks a door. And if you find yourself organizing a funeral of someone close to you who was living in a rented property, then the following steps should help you overcome the formalities without much ado:

1. Call the Landlord First— When you are done with the burial of your relative, the first thing you should do is call the landlord. It’s very essential to know everything about their lease and the contract. Do take a look at the period of tenancy still remaining. Also, don’t forget to ask about the deposit amount that the deceased had with the landlord. You’ll also have to be informed about the pending rent of the property if any. Only after knowing all these in detail can you decide about the next steps.

2. Give Prior Notice to the Landlord— If you plan to keep the rented flat until the lease period is over, then it's well and good. But if you don't want to keep the property anymore, then you can inform the landlord about the same. You will have to give prior notice for this to the landlord which should be around a month before you are vacating the place. This would give you ample time to deal with the stuff left by the deceased (and for the landlord to get a new tenant).

3. Deal with the Deceased’s Belongings — Now you are left with a rented place full of stuff belonging to the deceased. To get help in sorting and managing, you can always contact Tim and Tina handling deceased estates in Melbourne. They’ll come over to help you sort all the precious and useful things here and auction or preserve what’s needed to be saved. They’ll also gather all the unwanted ones and help you throw them away in a junkyard and keep the rest for charity. They shall be lifting the heaviest burden off your shoulders by handling this task.

After this process, you should pay all the electric and other utility bills, organize move out cleaning, vacate the house, and hand over the keys to the landlord. Now, with your main responsibilities dealt with, you are just left with the sweet memories of your relative.

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