This article will focus on how to take The Next Step, even when you’re stuck, sad or mad, and make each experience a fulfilling one.

Life can be viewed as an endless stream of experiences that nudge us to adapt to constant changes. The meaning which we give each of our experiences is determined by our attitude and beliefs. And our current attitude and beliefs are based on the meaning we’ve given past experiences. Therefore it´s easy to see how people recycle experiences based on their self fulfilling prophecies.

The resulting negative or unfulfilling cycles of thought and behaviour are what keep us stuck and limit us from achieving our goals. Usually this process goes on unconsciously, so we’re not even aware that we’re holding happiness and abundance away from ourselves. But there is a way out of this loop, and it´s easier than you may think.

Your state is the key. Mental/emotional states conjure internal representations that perpetuate the state. Therefore states that feel bad trigger the thoughts and feelings that cause us to behave unresourcefully; and states that feel good trigger the thoughts and feelings that cause us to behave resourcefully.

In any situation, before you respond, first make sure you’re in the most appropriate state. That is The Next Step! Reactive states cause us to say and/or do things that we usually regret later. Empowered states help us to respond mindfully and constructively. Deciding what to do while in a negative state will drag that energy with us and result in negative outcomes. Deciding what to do while in a positive state activates our intuition and taps our deeper wisdom.

Our achievement driven society has forgotten the value of first being, then doing. Being in the right state, gets the job done better and faster. Being in the state associated with our desired outcomes motivates us to take appropriate action. Being in a receptive and agile state enables us to be spontaneous, creative and resourceful.

So how can I manage my state?

Every state has a physiology – a body posture and breathing pattern. The Next Step in any situation is to assume the physiology of the outcome you desire. Place your body in the posture and breathe in the manner that resembles the state that you want to be in. This action will induce its matching mental/emotional state within a few seconds. Once you’re in the optimal state your mental capacity and performance is enhanced and you’re better prepared to face any situation.

The results that you are bound to achieve when using this approach will have a positive influence on your beliefs and attitudes. The Next Step makes life more effortless and enjoyable. There is nothing to loose, and lots to gain. Give it a go.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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Jevon Dangeli: NLP/HNLP Trainer, Hpnotherapist & Coach

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