Recently, I came across some stunning actual scientific findings from evolutionary psychology regarding a man’s ability to attract and date quality women who are right for them. After all, men worldwide want to find what works for them to become more accomplished in this area; to actually have some control and power over their lives. What a downer it would be to find that two genetic or physical features of one's constitution matter more than anything else.
One of the traits was a relatively large attractor, though not the top one. It was the characteristic of sheer, physical height.

The other predominant trait was revealed, which I had always suspected, was a major force as well.

Unfortunately, the discovery of this would be bad news for a little over fifty percent of the world's population. Originally I had learned about it from a colleague and evolutionary psychologist, Geoffrey Miller, Ph.D. He is quite insistent that this trait outpaces any other technique or move. Moreover, it surpasses even physical features such as height.

It's General Intelligence - the ultimate attractor of women and aphrodisiac.

Breakups are a common theme among men. More than a few of them had been poisoned by homespun advice from "dating teachers" who taught only tricks and tips that had sometimes worked in the dating lives of said teachers. Things like being boastful, confusing, or even encouraging a woman to doubt her value in the dating pool, being touchy with women and this sort of thing.

A lot of it sounded - well - unintelligent, given that Dr. Miller's words were still on my mind. So I concluded that when the advice of dating gurus is used in an intelligent, witty, smooth way, it might work in a particular case or two. But when used unintelligently, it would never, ever work to attract a woman.

One case in point is the advice to immediately start touching women upon meeting, to be very "touchy" and forward with them. Again, this sounded like an unintelligent move. How many women will be offended, turned off, or even alarmed for their safety? The dating guru never addressed how the woman would feel.

It was not lost on me that the slogan we use to describe our programs centers on the phrase, "Masculine intelligence."

It turns out this is the answer to everything you have ever wondered about women and sexual attraction - the answer is "being mysterious" toward women as the number one sexual attractor.

There is a definite reason for this that is centered in the female developmental stages, and fully covered in the Omega Male Program on all of human courtship's steps.
For now, what we need to know is that women respond most robustly, most vigorously, and largely unconsciously to a man who arouses questions in their minds - a curiosity about why he does and says what he does, what makes him tick, why he is in the venue, what his body language means, whether he will be a good partner in bed or more importantly, a fit mate potentially.

It all comes down to a curiosity about what, how, where, and why, why why. So the "intelligent" way to approach women is not just in doing slick moves that worked for another man in his limited experience, but in the science that explains in an ironclad way what really is universal about women and their prime core attraction mechanism.
When a man does "dating coach advice" toward women in his conversation or body language, it's risky. If done WITHOUT mysteriousness, or a mode which causes her to be curious, their techniques will not at all work in any instance. But even their techniques will work if the student of attraction approaches women with an air of mystery that incites curiosity.

So it isn't the specific "moves" you see. It's that they are delivered with mysteriousness. So when you make a comment, or have body language, or the social status of numerous friends around, or say something ambiguous - whatever it is doesn't matter, so long as it causes the woman to be curious about you.

That's the prime core attractor of women.

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Paul Dobransky, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist, public speaker and relationship expert who has treated more than 10,000 patients in 15+ years in clinical psychiatric care. Journalists and clients worldwide have sought Dr. Paul's advice on dating, relationships and all aspects of human psychology.

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