All of us want love. We will do just about anything to obtain it. Many of you are in dead-end relationships, but remain in those situations despite the fact that there is abundant evidence that the relationship is doomed. Why do you stay, despite opposing data? Furthermore, how can you determine when and if it would be more beneficial to end the relationship and look elsewhere for love?

Why Do We Stay Despite Evidence to the Contrary?
Each of us is a spiritual being living in a physical body. Within you there is a spiritual soul that is connected to everything—that soul is the spirit of God. However, when your soul enters the physical realm, you can become deluded that you have certain limits.

This is because the physical body does indeed have certain limitations—it only has access to the five senses of taste, smell, sight, sound and touch. Scientific study has proven that one can easily fool the physical senses. For instance, humans physically see an incomplete amount of colors—they cannot see infrared, ultraviolet, microwaves, gamma rays, X-rays, etc,; all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, when presented with a full range of colors, a human being only sees the seven colors of the rainbow, and not the full band.

With these restrictions in place, the physical mind, or intellect, makes certain assumptions about situations as they happen. The mind can begin to sense everything around it as a threat, since its primary objective and job is to protect the body at all costs. Take for example, the first time you see your parents fight. You may witness anger between them, and other possible consequences of that disagreement. As a child, your physical body can store the experience of that conflict in your mind as dangerous.

Over time, your brain programs that experience as harmful and it becomes hard to break the loop. Therefore, as you grow older, you may inadvertently stay in any destructive relationship because the current program running in your head is attempting to protect you. You do not want to hurt someone else or cause conflict because you have incomplete data showing you that to do so would bring harm to you.

Determining When to Move On
So, how can one determine when it is time to leave a relationship? You could simply listen to the spirit within. Although the physical side works within imperfect parameters, the spiritual side of you has absolutely no limits. The sixth sense, or gut instinct, can tell you the most beneficial path to take with regard to your relationship.

However, even though the Creator has endowed all of us with sixth sense ability, sometimes a person may have not fully developed the skill to listen to their gut instinct. Therefore, when faced with a difficult relationship, many people oftentimes ask others for their opinion of the situation.

There is a prolific saying, 'Death comes in threes.' The statement is more profound than merely giving a prediction about death. It also provides a good standard for weighing the validity of toxic situations.

I enjoy playing blackjack. Years ago, when I first learned how to play the game, I discovered a useful strategy to increase my winnings. I adhered to a strict policy once I began playing at a blackjack table. If I lost three hands in a row, I would get up from the table and go to another table. The same approach works with anything in life. If you lose three times; then, consider it a death and change directions.

If you do ask others for their opinion and three people give you the same answer, it is more than likely their opinion is valid. It is up to you to accept or ignore it. That is the essence of free will, which the spirit of God has given to you. However, it is beneficial to note that if you have to ask the same question three or more times, then you may certainly be wrong in your thinking. Three is the magic number. Therefore, if three or more people tell you that the relationship is doomed, consider their observed advice as gold and leave before you lose your life—your happiness.

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