This is an article on the perfect and best auto-darkening welding helmet. We will look into the safety gears a welder is supposed to wear during welding for his/her safety in the article. Read the article to find more about auto-darkening welding helmets.

Safety Gears to wear for welding
Along with best auto-darkening welding helmet, the other gears are also as important to wear for welders. A few of them are
• Hand Safety: For the safety of a welder's hand, he/she should wear a proper set of welding gloves. The gloves are supposed to be of wrist length and should be of good material.
• Body safety: For the safety of the body, special jackets are available which are designed for welding. These jackets are made up of special quality material and are flame and spark resistant. This is the most important of all gears as the body remains quite close to the welding tools.
• Boots: There are welding boots available at select stores and websites. Boots are a good investment as they protect your feet from the flames produced due to welding.
• Coverall: These are available in various types. The most basic ones are the best coveralls to protect and ensure the safety of the welders. If you are a welder, do think of investing in a good one.

MIG Welders
There are various types of welding available. It varies from metal to metal. The most easiest and basic welding is MIG Welding. They are easily repairable and maintainable. The top 3Mig welders are listed below along with their advantages.
1. Hobart Handler 140 500559: This is the best-valued welder available in the MIG category. This is mainly used by beginners and is useful for any type of household welding. All thin metals can be welded easily with this welder. Few advantages of it are
• Easy use
• Good quality hardware used in the manufacturing of the product
• Portable
• Follows all safety measures
2. Goplus MIG 130: This is considered to be the best in the MIG Welders section. Beginners usually practice on this welding machine The only disadvantage of it is, that it cannot be used with shielding gas. The other advantages of it are
• Maximized Performance
• Adjustability
• Portability
• Lightweight

3. Hobart Handler 190 500554: This welding tool is considered to be the best for both beginners and professionals. It is perfect for any type of material and operates best within a given range of power supply. Advantages of it are
• Best Controls available
• Large range of welding options available.
• Built-in wire technology used
• Built-in guide
• Safety protocols checked.
These were the top 3 MIG Welders to buy from the website of the welder’s portal for beginner and professional welders.
MIG Welding
MIG Welding is considered to be the best and the easiest for all beginners in welding. It is mostly used in the automobile industry. People usually master the MIG Welding in the first few hours of using it.

Coming to the end of this article, we have read about MIG welding and the top 3 tools in the section to opt for along with the best auto-darkening welding helmet.

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Best auto darkening welding helmet has an automatic detection feature that turns light when the helmet is in the down position and dark when it is in the upwards position. It usually has a wider scope of view and the lens of the auto-darkening welding helmets is not tinted.