The DevOps premises have been considered as the pivotal aspect for many organizations. More and more companies have adopted the DevOps practices to their parties. It is undeniable that the adoption of the DevOps is important to improve the apps service deliverance.

Involving the security devops may procure certain challenges that you need to overcome. Here are the challenges that you need to overcome when it comes to DevOps security.

The risk of sacrificing security for the sake of speed

When the security party plans to integrate into the DevOps, one of the main challenges is how they can provide the ample speed without sacrificing the security. Often times, the security devops teams make the code faster. The tools and infrastructure can provide such rapid results. Here is where the gap of the security takes place. When it comes to automation, you will want to consider adding DevOps-friendly security tools that will check the procedures quickly.

The dispute with the developers

The security devops might have this challenge as well when working with the professionals. The developer resistance often occurs for a good reason. Developers tend to focus on the apps function. In this case, the security devops can use the tools which have been the part of the development environment.

The needs of skills upgrade

All parties who are working with the security devops must be aware that there could be scaling up in their company. The application will evolve from time to time. And when it does, there is a need for skills upgrade. The security devops team will need to update themselves with the updated basic code, scripts, as well as API.

Team synergy

Derived from many security devops stories, one of the most excruciating challenges is the teamwork synergy between the developers and operations.

All the parties should collaborate well in order to succeed the security devops incorporation. We cannot neglect the fact that professionals are unique individuals who have their own characteristics and expectations. Each individual in the team should be able to work and find the solution together.

Changing Security Roles

The security check apps will be automated fully in the future. In the transition phase, the professionals in the security devops team should be able to position themselves. There can be changes of the roles in the team and each individual should be ready for that. As mentioned, there is a challenge in the skills upgrade. That includes the new skills for the new roles in the security devops team.

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