Are you using the power of building powerful partnerships to monetize your passion? Are you creating strategic alliances and real relationships with other centers of influence (COI) to expand your authentic business success? If yes, congratulations! That’s the way to go. If you’re not there yet, it’s time to start to thrive together with other enlightened entrepreneurs, leaders and luminaries in your industry. As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Let me enlighten your mind, empower your heart and inspire your soul to thrive together today, tomorrow and beyond with other, what I call enlightened entrepreneurs (authentic authorities): coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts who are making a BIG difference, a BIG impact and a BIG influence in the world–all while transforming their lives and the lives of those they touch on the way. This week’s article is all about “The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion.” Feel the love, have fun, learn a ton and enJOY! icon smile The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

Mother Teresa says, “If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil on it.” I totally agree with her, and I also want to complement saying that you can only get your magnetic message out there so far by yourself. That’s why it is important to start looking for other trusted authorities in your industry who have audiences that may be interested in your topics, teachings, and trainings. If you can build real relationships and powerful partnerships with those centers of influence and get those trusted authorities to help you promote your message, mission and vision to their community full of past and current clients, potential clients, fans, followers, and friends, then you immediately amplify your message, your reach, your income as well as the unique transformation you provide to others. How cool is that! icon smile The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

However, when you do approach other enlightened entrepreneurs, thought leaders and luminaries in your community, remember to come from a place of service, contribution and collaboration. Here are some of the initial questions you can ask to start creating real relationships and building powerful partnerships. For example, you can ask:

1. How can I help you? How can I serve you more? What can I do for you?

2. How can I support your movement? How can I add value to your community?

3. How can I collaborate to your most important projects? How can contribute to your tribe?

And very important, speak from your heart and soul, come from a place of service and authenticity, and don’t be afraid to do this passionately, purposefully, and strategically. In other words, “give first and you shall receive later.” When you build relationships and partnerships from your heart, people can see it. They can feel your energy, your enthusiasm, and your excitement so you become a trusted authority that everyone wants to help, support, collaborate, and contribute to.

One of the best ways to create strategic alliances with a powerful partner is to get out there personally and start attending their live events and other people’s events such as, conferences, seminars, and workshops (online and in-person). In other words, network and gather not only where your potential clients are, but also where your potential powerful partners (your circle of influence, strategic alliances) are. Always do your research first and build new relationships and partnerships with those who are like-minded, like-hearted, and like-souled people. You’ll want to associate with those who are inspired leaders, empowered creators, and enlightened entrepreneurs like you are, and exchange value, wisdom, and contribution so you both can help promote each other, spread the word, share the love, and eventually reach many more people with your magnetic message.

Another great way of creating powerful projects and partnerships is to constantly contact other agents of change, conscious business leaders in different industries and offer to interview them for your audience. You can also help them with their authentic marketing and incredible online campaigns (a series of strategic promotional trainings), or simply by asking how you can be of service to them. If you add incredible value for other people (other leading mentors, influencers, transformational teachers), the universal law of reciprocation takes place, because they will reciprocate somehow and someday.

Creating powerful projects and partnerships serves you and your message farther and wider. Having others to help you promote your message, your movement, your mission goes beyond your reach—way more than you ever could on your own. So start creating powerful partnerships, building real relationships, and looking for powerful promotional projects at the same time. When you are willing and committed to adding MORE value to MORE people MORE often, and when you share, spread the word, and promote not only your message but also the message of others, the universal law of reciprocation takes place again, because many will be willing to do the same for you as well.

How do you start? It all begins with some basic online research. You’ll want to know who the other trusted authorities and top leading experts are in your field. One quick way to discover this is to Google specific keywords related to your topic. Another smart way is to go to websites that are designed to put people together in certain areas, such as coaching communities and public speaking related websites, as well as to look for other authors and publishers in your industry.
The best way to learn of and meet other enlightened entrepreneurs: coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts is to attend live events where the main focus is on writing and speaking skills, coaching and training, business growth and marketing success.

Once you have an understanding of who else is teaching your topic, leading seminars, writing books, and creating information product-based businesses, it is time to go deeper and understand their authentic business models, systems, structures, and strategies for success, including what they offer to their audiences, how large their audiences are, what programs, products, and services they sell, what their vision, values and priorities are, and so on. Most of this information is readily apparent on their main websites. From there, what’s needed is for you to reach out to them and start building real relationships by adding GREAT value.

The first authentic aim/aspiration in working with other business partners, strategic alliances, and industry influencers is always to have an opportunity to add incredible value by sharing your magnetic message with their audiences. And you do that when they interview you on a teleseminar or summit, conduct a webinar with you, promote an online campaign for you, and/or direct their audience to your new video training series or blog posting. By doing so, they give you greater exposure, visibility, and credibility, which expand people’s awareness and curiosity about you and your business. Most important, this activity positions you as a leading, trusted authority in your field or area of expertise.

The second authentic aim/ambition you want is to turn all that exposure into income by offering that audience something (an irresistible, special offer) for sale.

As a final note, in my book: “The Enlightened Entrepreneur: Make an Impact and Income Doing What You Love,” I share that “there is a reason this step follows the others and is the last one in the enlightened entrepreneur’s freedom formula, four levels of creation. The four levels of creation are your 1. Magnetic Message, 2. Signature System, 3. Irresistible Offer, and 4. Powerful Promotion.” So please do not go out there and try to get people to promote your message unless you have successfully done the previous three steps (your magnetic message, signature system and irresistible offer). The truth is it’s NOT best practice to ask someone to promote you if you do not know and understand yourself, your life, your business, and your audience, and if you do not have a magnetic message, a signature system, an irresistible offer, and a powerful promotion yet created and tested.

Honestly, from my creative heart and inspired soul to yours, you would not want someone to promote you until you have done all the work, even if they offered to. My experience, expertise, and wisdom say it’d be inauthentic, incongruent, and out of integrity with my own values, vision, and mission. I’m assuming that you also feel the same way. So I encourage you to build something real first, and then ask others to help build it bigger. Always remember, “Be the change, be the transformation, be the difference you wish for the world.”

Create real relationships and build powerful partnerships to monetize your passion by first doing your research and then choosing the best practice that works for you. In other words, build powerful promotional projects and partners that are aligned with who you truly are so you can promote yourself in a consistent, creative, and authentic way. To help you further with your research to create powerful promotional projects and build powerful partnerships to monetize your passion, answer the questions below and create a file with all the information you find.

1. Who else is out there coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, and training on my area of expertise? Who are other leading mentors, recognized authorities, and experts in my field?

2. What media are they using (books, websites, videos, articles, social media, etc.)?

3. What info products are they creating and offering for sale on their website?

4. What price points do they most often offer to their audience?

5. What vision, mission, and common priorities do they have?

6. What does their audience most value?

7. What kind of promotions are being successful right now, and for how long and how often are they doing them?

Remember, again, none of these steps is a one-time love affair. Your business and promotions, your audience, your relationships and partnerships grow, expand, and evolve as you do. That is the blessing of being an inspired leader, an empowered creator, and an enlightened entrepreneur as a coach, author, speaker, trainer, leader and expert.

Throughout it all, I’d like you to keep in your mind, heart, and soul the number one value that has tremendously served not only me, my clients, and my students, but also my mentors, coaches, and partners and has helped all of us share our unique message with the masses. The number one value is: AUTHENTICITY. Always remember, to be you most authentic self, be who you truly are, just be yourself! icon smile The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

Authentic Business Success in Action

Start to create real relationships, authentic strategic alliances and build powerful partnerships to monetize your passion, purpose and expertise today. Get started now by doing your research, making a list of all those leaders and luminaries you find that can be your potential powerful partners and make the first contact. Make it all happen, or shall I say? Apply the Law of G.A.D.I. – Go And Do it and truly thrive today, tomorrow and beyond! icon smile The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

QUESTION: What is preventing your from building powerful partnerships to monetize your passion? Please leave your comments, challenges and/or insights below. We’d love to hear from you. Your success is my passion! icon smile The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

Until then, share your PASSION, live your PURPOSE and TRULY THRIVE today!

Thriving Together,
Olivia icon smile The Power of Building Powerful Partnerships to Monetize Your Passion

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