When I was young I wanted nothing more than to become a radio disc jockey. I loved listening to the chat and the wit and the banter of the personality disc-jockeys who worked on the likes of Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg. The BBC executives knew the pirates were giving the public what it needed and what it wanted. Desperate measures were needed to get them off the airwaves so what better way than to convince the Government of the day that they should be outlawed and replaced by BBC local radio stations? This was duly put in place, first by BBC Radio One and then by the local radio stations.

The problem is that people with good personalities gather an audience and can see they are worth their weight in gold. It will then be time to try and reverse the process and take away the personality from the presenter.It's classic economics only not quite so obvious to spot.

This seems to be happening in radio today as stations strive to syndicate and replace real people with computerised lists to entertain the masses. Is there an alternative as the computerised lists march remorselessly forward? There is a viable alternative for the prospective presenter. Create your own podcasts.

Initially, you will only need a computer and a microphone and there is even free software to help you on your way. Look for interesting people to assist you in your project.You can work on your own as DJ or programme maker and once you get into the rhythm of podcasting you can be as creative as you like.

Personally, I feel you need to be responsible for the material you want to submit to the Internet and you can get your message across and entered up to the Internet in a matter of hours.If you have a matter close to your heart it can be an excellent way to slay a few dragons or feel that your opinions can be heard.

The Internet is full of help and advice and if you use the search engines properly you can find almost anything you want to help you on your way.Once you have the subject matter in focus and have recorded your show it's time to start promoting your work. There are many sites where you can let people know who you are and I wouldn't be too surprised if podcasting becomes a way of life.

I started podcasting around five years ago and have felt it is the answer to the current trend where personality is being throttled from the airwaves. Please feel free to visit my website:www.vincetracy.com

Author's Bio: 

Vince Tracy has worked in both music based stations and as a chat show host with talk radio.He has presented shows in England, France and Spain He is a daily podcaster and is a believer in the concept of Radio on Demand.He has a worldwide network of contacts in many different areas of life.
He has had a very varied working life from club DJ to cabaret artist and from Area Sales Manager to Judo Coach, Teacher and Lecturer. He has taught at many levels and practices Healthy Living and Fitness. His degrees are in Recreation and the Community and in Philosophy in Education.