The Three Energies that make the world go around

The basic concept for the System to Creating a Successful Life is based on understanding Energy, specifically your own Energy and the force that drives it and I know that Energy isn’t a real exciting topic to most of you but once you understand the root of the problem, the solution becomes so clear!
First, understand that there are Three Primary Energy Types that dominate the world.
• Love
• Sex
• Money
In no certain order, t hose three types of Energy are Universal Dominators when it comes to how we live and how successful we declare our lives. People In modern Society thrive on these three energy types and right or wrong, our happiness seems to be based on them.
In the Past it was declared that Money was the root of all Evil and we told ourselves that wealthy people were all “bad” for comfort, but as we are now learning, that belief was what was holding us back from having everything we need in life.
People are adapting to a different Mindset now and understanding that Money is Energy just like everything else is and it is okay to have it because when you have it you can use it to do good things for other people. Are you with me so far?
Now let’s talk about Sex. It can be wonderful huh? Sex is not just for making babies anymore and it’s become a fun past time, and expression of Love, and even though it’s not the Foundation of our Romantic Relationships, it’s quite possibly the Base.
Love is an intense energy and is often declared more powerful than any energy in the Universe and it’s one of our most basic needs, even animals have been proven to be capable of showing Love. We need the energy that Love produces to complete our lives to make it whole because no matter how successful you are in life, you won’t feel complete without Love.

What order do you place these Energy Types in right now?


The priority order that you place them in will determine a lot about how successful you are in any of the three areas. If you are putting anything but Love in the first spot that is a problem. Because no matter what you are trying to accomplish, Love needs to be the direct force behind it.
For example, in order for you to be happy & satisfied with your job you need to be doing what you love, so sure, you can make money doing something that you hate but does that make you successful?
You can’t be successful unless you are happy as well as abundant so rather than choose shouldn’t you have it all?
So what does this mean for me?
It’s simple, you can attract an Energy you need whether it’s money, your Soulmates, or anything else you need if you clear away the negative energy and attract the right energy for what you need. Clearing Sessions are a great way to get a head start into the Attraction phase and they are easy to do, you can give yourself a Clearing Session and start seeing results really quickly.
But here’s where people get lost, they forget that in order to attract the right type of Karmic Energy needed for Maifestation of your desires, you must create a balance by becoming a source of Abundant Energy for another person. This works for Soulmate Attraction, Abundance Attraction, and other needs as well.
It’s a simple process, give so that you can receive. Clean your environment and give what you don’t need to someone who does need your unwanted possessions ,and watch what happens.
The best way to start giving Karmic Energy a jumpstart in Manifesting your meeting with a Soulmate is to give up what (& who) doesn’t serve you for best results.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Fisher
Coach, Minister, Psychic, & Author
My name is Michelle and I am the Founder of TPF Spiritual Services located in Southern Ohio. I have been a Psychic and Coach for a long time and I have recently start branching out into the subject of Soulmate Attraction in my Programs & Coaching. I have been working as a Coach for about 10 years in a variety of topics and I have successfully Coached hundreds of Clients to finding their success & happiness.