The Question of Truth
Are you after it, too? I've made some good friends on this wild goose chase -- the search for truth, or is it Truth?
The funny thing I keep running into along the way is that truth seems to be a moving target -- not static. Even in the Bible, mankind's sense of the Divine and what was true evolved from "an eye for an eye" to "turn the other cheek," and from an angry God to a loving God.
One of my favorite moments in Bible history was Pontius Pilate's question to Jesus: "What is truth?" The Bible doesn't record a response at that time from Jesus, but at another moment he advised that truth would make one free. Mary Baker Eddy, in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, draws from Ephesians when she writes: "Truth makes a new creature, in whom old things pass away and all things are become new."
So, what and where is this thing that can transform us? "It" may in fact look quite different to each of us. What if it actually is quite different for each of us, really? What if there isn't one truth or one right way? What if we're all right, or, for that matter, all wrong? Personally, I think we may have to stop chasing and making pronouncements and start seeing what is around us, and in us, to find it. Elusive truth, for me, does not seem to reside in the noise of the world, but in a "still, small voice."
Life is a feeling experience. Can you be still enough to know what you are really feeling and what is true for you in this moment? Truth itself, oddly, does not strike me as an emotional thing. It may crack open my heart to pain or joy or awe, but it seems to be magnificently neutral on its own. So, perhaps acting as a neutral witness for ourselves and our feeling experience, in inner stillness, can more readily put us in touch with this thing called "Truth."
I know I am not the first to suggest this technique, nor am I terribly skilled at it, but here is a guide to that still place where the "small" but powerful voice might be heard:
Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.

See you there.

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The spiritual inquiry is where I find my joy. I remember the moment in my teens when, gazing up at the stars one summer night, I was deeply struck by the unendingness of creation. I felt my reality shift in that instant, and it lives in me still.

Raised in a traditional Christian religion, I came into Christian Science in college. It spoke to me about the nature of God and man in a way I felt to be truthful. I pursued that distinct path for many years, receiving my Class Instruction and inquiring into the nature of healing.

Although my experience has been deeply informed by the many years of study in Christian Science, I found myself, about six years ago, at a point where I began to question all my decisions thus far about reality. Enter Jennie Marlow and her guides: Spotted Eagle, Grandfather White Elk and White Buffalo.

Through Jennie`s teaching and the wisdom of her guides, I began to understand that creation is not a static event. Through them I continue to learn powerful tools of inquiry and discovery, allowing me to increasingly live a more authentic and joyful experience.

"Joy is a measure of authenticity." So says Spotted Eagle. And joy is an essence I am thrilled to experience more frequently.

As a certified Teacher and Coach of the body of work which Jennie Marlow brings forward, I look forward to leading both groups and individuals who desire to learn these tools for enhanced living on this material plane.

We are here to reclaim our power from fear, and we certainly have a canvas for that! Nothing reclaims power more quickly than joy, and nothing brings a greater essence of joy than authenticity.

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