The Quickest Way to Lose Fat: Positive Thinking

The Quickest way to lose fat does not involve starving yourself. However, many of the so-called miracle diets unfortunately amount to this. Let’s look into some of the risks of such a diet:.

- Lack of proper nutrition has a negative impact on your health.

- Your body stores more fat whenever you eat because it goes into starvation mode.

- You start losing muscle mass and your body’s metabolic rate drops.

Also, you will be unable to follow these diets over a long period of time (thankfully). So what’s the outcome when you get off such a diet? You gain additional weight.

So, is there an effective way to lose weight fast?

You need to focus on what is the healthiest way to lose weight and fat, instead of focusing on the quickest way to lose fat. You need to start believing that you will lose weight and fat and be able to keep it off with the appropriate amount of time and effort, focusing on positive thinking.

Achieving a positive attitude is possible with an active exercise program. Endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals in the brain, are released during exercise. When released, this “good feeling” encourages positive thinking. The quickest way to lose fat is to perform exercises like running, cycling, and weight lifting, all of which result in a release of endorphins.

You feel better when endorphins are released, and they also make you want to eat less. You’ll get accustomed to the “exercise high” that comes from the release of endorphins, making you feel happy about the activities that you are doing and making you want to exercise on near daily basis.

Consuming healthy and nutritious foods helps you think positively since it does not make you feel bloated and fat. Hunger can set off negative responses in the brain. These negative emotions can be suppressed by eating at least 5 to 7 meals everyday. This too is the fastest way to lose fat.

Knowing from deep inside that you soon will be thin is part of having a positive attitude. Try a method called visualization. Whenever you next exercise, imagine your body burning fat. Visualization when combined with healthy nutrition and exercise is a very powerful technique, and it is definitely the quickest way to lose fat.

Paint a mental picture of yourself at the size you want to be, and imagine that you are buying clothes that are not labeled XXL. This will motivate you during rough patches and help you to maintain a positive attitude.

There is more to this battle than just losing weight. Unable to maintain the weight lost makes the effort of losing weight pointless. Thinking positively has an important role to play here too. It keeps your motivation level high, helping you to stick with your diet and exercise program.

Combining positive thinking with exercise and nutrition will help you win the battle of the bulge.

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