The bathroom has transformed through the years, and what people saw as just a simple space where they could take a bath or shower has now become the ultimate place for relaxation and pampering oneself. Bathrooms can be quite luxurious nowadays, with the addition of gorgeous freestanding baths and other outstanding elements. But the shower enclosure is still a standard, and no bathroom is complete without one. But if you are thinking of a bathroom remodel or are building your new bathroom from scratch, what kind of shower enclosure should you be considering? Prefabricated or modular shower enclosures have become quite the trend and for good reason. Here are the real benefits of prefabricated shower enclosures for your bathroom.

The basics of prefabricated shower units or enclosures

Prefabricated shower units or enclosures are just as their name implies – they are pre-made units that already come with whatever features or elements you may need for a fantastic shower. Models usually come in acrylic or fibreglass kits, and these units are produced in a factory and then delivered to your home. You can have such units installed by professional plumbers, but you can also do it yourself if you are so inclined. Most kits already have a shower tray and wall panels (perhaps two or three depending on the design). Other kits are even more complete, with features such as aromatherapy and LED lighting as well as Bluetooth and radio connections. They can also come with rain shower heads, built-in seats, and body jets for a great massage. What's more, some units aren't just shower enclosures, but steam showers as well. Steam shower enclosures are excellent if you want something even more special and would like to enjoy the wonderful benefits of steam whilst you are taking a shower.

The benefits of shower units

  • Fast installation

Modular shower units come with fast installation; in fact, it’s already a given that they are much quicker to set up than a custom-built shower, which can take weeks. You can set up your pre-fab shower in a day or less.

  • Value for money and a lower cost

Whilst you can always choose to have a custom-built shower with tiles, many homeowners now see it as an unnecessary expense and a waste of time and effort when they can simply choose a prefabricated shower unit and install it in their bathrooms. Without a doubt, even the best steam shower units are still less expensive compared to standard custom-built enclosures, and you can get more value for your money because you can take advantage of features that you wouldn't find with a custom-made shower.

  • Easy and convenient maintenance

Since prefabricated shower models are already set up as one single unit, you don’t have to worry too much about keeping it clean. You can do away with cleaning grout and tile (which is a definite hassle) and you can simply wipe down the shower enclosure’s walls and tray when you’re done with your shower. They’re leak-proof, so there’s no risk of water spilling onto your bathroom floors.

You have an array of sizes and shapes from which you can easily choose, too, from quadrant-shaped units to square or rectangular models. They’re a practical, efficient, and flexible alternative that you and your whole family can enjoy.

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